A day at Inokashira Park

Last weekend, me and my friends decided to go Kichijoji, an area popular for its various shops carrrying food, beverages, and ceramics. Inokashira Park is located right next to the station and is an iconic spot for sakura viewing.

The area was extremely crowded since the flowers were in full bloom. Foreign and local tourists can be seen everywhere. The whole street was basically full of pedestrians, a lot of them lining up for cafes that seemed to serve very delicious bread and coffee. I spotted numerous tableware and ceramic shops while strolling through the area. My love for tableware almost made me want to enter every single shop I saw, but I held back because we’re here for the sakuras.

There’s a huge pond in the middle of the park and duck boats can be seen floating around. It truly is the classic spring view in Japan. We didn’t go ride the boats since it was for 2 people only (there were 3 of us). We walked and circled the pond, which took longer than I expected since the pond itself was bigger than I had imagined.

There’s a Ghibli Museum is located at the edge of the park. We really wanted to go but unfortunately, they don’t sell the tickets directly on the spot. You’d have to book one through the convenience store beforehand so we had to give up on the idea of entering this time.

We then spent the rest of the day just going in and out of the shops in the alley. In one of the shops, I discovered a flower-design plate that I’ve seen online several times. It looks so much more better in person that I couldn’t resist from purchasing it.

Flower plate (right side)

Kichijoji is such a lovely place. I’d definitely want to go back again in the future.







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  1. Hanako Avatar

    Wow! That park is beautiful! Sakuras are one of my most favourite flowers! I never got to see them in real life though. Someday, I hope to see them. (There are some here in the Northern US. I think in Maryland.) I wanted to grow one, but apparently you can’t here in FL. T.T The pond with the duck boats reminds me of animes. I don’t know if we have anything like that here. I know we have regular paddle boats. I’m so jealous! The new plate looks beautiful too! I been trying to look for new tableware, but I haven’t found anything that screams “Buy me now!” lol

    (I also agree about Korra regarding how heavy it is.)

    1. Hanako Avatar

      Also, I’m not sure if you saw, but I included some photos of my ACNH island in a post: https://strawbearysweet.blogspot.com/2022/03/a-little-peek-of-earlgrey-island-acnh.html

      I’m looking forward to the trees turning pink in the game!

      1. Rin Avatar

        I left a comment! Sorry for taking too long to leave one. I really like how your entire island looks! It’s so much better than mine haha.

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