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Finding new hobbies

These days I’ve been doing nothing but self-studying Japanese and watching vlogs on Youtube. My favorite channel is 슛뚜sueddu for her cinematic style and non-dizzying vlogs (if you get what I mean). Her videos are really lovely and relaxing to watch. I feel like they have healing power lol.

Actually, her channel is the main reason why I finally got myself a camera. I wanted to try out legit photography and videomaking. Simple ones, though. I’ve taken photography as my extracurricular during middle school. But I wasn’t even that serious at studying so I forgot everything my teacher had taught me lol.

Aside from that, I also gained interest in pottery and sewing from watching other Youtube channels as well. Unfortunately, these hobbies are quite pricy to try out. There is one pottery studio near the apartment where I live in Japan but the class price is just … No. But I did find a DIY pottery clay using normal oven so I will try that out soon. Haha.

As for sewing, my mom and dad were surprisingly supportive when I told them about it and they even offered to buy me a sewing machine. The plan is mom would enroll me in a sewing class next summer when I go back. I’m excited but scared at the same time since I can’t really sew, even with hand lol. But if it works out I think it’ll be a great skill to have. 😀



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  1. Are you meaning making your own pottery, or painting pottery/ceramics? I love painting ceramics and making them my very own, but those are just as expensive as taking a pottery class. Sewing is easy, but I think it would be wiser to start practicing with hand sewing because you need to learn the basic stitches before using a sewing machine. I still prefer to make quilts by hand over the sewing machine because the thread always gets caught and you spend 20 minutes untangling it. It’s not hard, just a pain. lol

    1. I’d like to try making it! It looks so challenging lol. I am thinking the same thing about sewing too. I’ve learned basic stitches during high school and made hair ties and skirts lol. This time I would like to try making tote bags myself and my mom recommended the sewing machine so that the finish would be better than doing it by hand. 🙄 I hope I could figure out the machine lol.

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