A little break: random rambles

I haven’t attempted digital art for so long that I almost forgot how to draw. Being occupied with job hunting and thesis writing (which didn’t even progress) really got my hands shackled. But since the outbreak is getting worse and it doesn’t seem like companies will continue hiring people, I kind of gave up trying

December 2019 and end of year wrap up

I have just realized that I did not post anything for December and that 2019 already ended before I could post this lol. The last month of 2019 was a blast. Extreme things happened (will be explained in another post) but good and nice things like watching Christmas fireworks in the middle of winter happened

November 2019

This month was hectic and tiring. My calendar has never looked so crowded and I feel like I’m always out and about physically and mentally. So many things were happening and it’s hard to process what’s really happening around me. Highlights Went to the States for the first time! Fell on my knee and earned

Schaumburg, IL

The event ended in the afternoon so we had a couple of hours to explore the city. I decided to visit Woodfield Mall, which is the biggest premium outlet in the area (apparently). My newly made Korean friend decided to join me since she had to do some shopping as well. We took the free

Chicago, IL

I was in Chicago (to be exact, Schaumburg) for a week from 29th of October to the 4th of November to attend the Global Leadership Summit held by Beta Gamma Sigma. Obviously, the event wasn’t the highlight of the whole trip. It was more about the places I visited and the new friends I made,

My 2020 Hobonichi

I visited Tokyo last week to work on some visa applications. I visited Ginza Loft (possibly the biggest Loft in Japan) while I’m at it and … bought new Hobonichi covers when I told myself I wouldn’t buy it … The soda water cover (left) has been in my wish list ever since they released

Tokyo 2019 Pt. 2

On the second day of our stay, we visited Hamarikyu Gardens. I must say I had a pretty bad experience here since it had rained the day before and the paths are all muddy. Aside from the muddy roads, the view and weather was actually very nice. The garden has a lot of tea houses