Spending the New Years with only games


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A year has passed again yet so quickly. I guess your perception of time just gets blurred out when you’re busy with work and other issues in life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my career. As mentioned one of my previous posts, I’m actually thinking whether I should be staying in my current company. I have a nice boss, and not so bad working environment, but I feel like my own growth has been stagnant and that seeking newer experience in a different place would be better for my future. But when it comes to actually searching for a new work place, I get discouraged and overwhelmed because leaving a fish tank you’re comfortable with and having to explore a new, larger one feels very daunting to me.

Last year I told myself I’d do it over the winter holidays since I probably won’t have anything much to do. And if you know me well, you probably have guessed that I didn’t do a smidge of research at all regarding this matter.

I chose to ran away, again, and hide all these matters by playing more games.

I purchased three games to accompany my short winter holiday: Olympia Soiree, Jack Jeanne, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. The former two are otome games which I had long set my eye on. I haven’t started Jack Jeanne, but I have completed all the good endings for Olympia Soiree (hereby shortened as OS) just the other day after playing for a whopping 65 hours. The amount of time I could sink for a graphics novel is insane.

My next quest would be to complete Zelda. It’s actually my first time playing a series from Zelda despite it being very old and ancient. But my work colleagues recommended me playing the newest series and they reassured me that it’s easy to get into even for someone who has never played a Zelda game before.

Currently I’ve sunk more than 100 hours into the game, exploring the (extremely) vast world and story. I couldn’t believe how much content this game actually packed. I’ve progressed the main story a lot but had yet to start the final chapter of the game to beat the big bad boss. I feel like there are still so many side quests and exploration to do before the final act. So I think it’ll take me some more time before I can 100% clear this game. I’ll try to write something about it when I finally do finish it, though. Do pray that I get the motivation to blog about it again when the time comes.


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  1. I heard soooo many good things about Tears of the Kingdom. It’s a game that we would like to have too. Glad you’re having fun with it!

    Also, there is nothing wrong with “running away” from what is important. Your brain is telling you that you need to rest. How long have you worked for the company? I know you’re not learning anything new, but have you asked your boss if there is something new you can learn? Are there other places you can move to in your current employer? I would definitely ask about this stuff first before leaving altogether. The longer you are with a company, the better your resume will look, especially since you just started the workforce in Japan. You want to make sure you worked someplace long enough to show that you have experience, otherwise, you could struggle not finding a new job because you lack the experience.

    Also, research gradually. Find out how much experience is required for something you’re interested in. Research one company at a time while making a list of pros and cons. You’ll burn yourself out if you try to do it in one day. (Trust me on that).

    Anyway, continue having fun with gaming. It’s a great way to relax after working and don’t worry to much about finding a new job until you asked if there are other learning opportunities or another area you can work at your current place before completely writing off your place of work now. (I hope that made since. I’m feeling brain fogged at the momemnt).

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