There are never enough planners and pens, right?

It has been two years since I bought my first leather ring binder, so I thought I’d post an update on how it has changed while also showing some of the other … unintentional purchases that I have made recently.

Bible size Plotter, two years in.

I still use this for my work planner to manage my to-dos and jot down some notes during meetings. I stopped using the elastic band because having to put it on and taking it off every time is a pain. The surface has gotten rather bumpy and it has gained some sheen compared to when it was brand new. Despite having a ring protector on, the ring still managed to leave some dents in the leather cover. I really like how the aging turned out on this one and I’m looking forward on how it’ll evolve in a couple of years from now.

I’m using Plotter’s original refill for the monthly spread as well as the memo pages. However I find myself not using my monthly pages a lot since all of the scheduling process gets done on my Outlook. Perhaps I’ll stop using it next year and opt for a weekly spread instead. I’m also debating whether I should try refills from other brands like Ashford.

Falling deeper into the leather binder rabbit hole

M5 sized binder from Knox

I never thought I’d need a tiny leather binder, because what the hell can you write in such a tiny paper? But after seeing endless videos and images of the tiny M5 binder (I’m assuming it’s a short for Mini 5), I found myself unable to resist from getting my hands on one because it’s just so adorable!

Yes, I bought it because it looks adorable.

Plotter’s M5 originally caught my attention because they were so popular that the online store got sold out for such a long time. People would buy them and resell them at flea markets for a way higher price (resellers are an abomination). So I originally gave up on the idea of getting one until I discovered this particular M5 from Knox.

Plotter and Knox are owned by the same company who also happens to be the parent company for Traveler’s Notebook (… are we seeing a pattern right here?). While the Plotter line up centers around slim and portable leather binders, Knox is like your OG, traditional, and beefy leather binders. It has existed since 1979 and despite being old, I think their designs are really timeless and refined. I got the binder from their Pearce line, which is one of Knox’s three original designs that has continued to be a best seller.

I have no idea what I’m going to use this binder for. It’s so tiny (about half the size of Bible) that it could fit into my pants’ pocket effortlessly. For now, I’ll just be bringing this thing everywhere I go because it’s small, so why not? Perhaps there will be a time where I need to suddenly jot down ideas and inspirations on the go.

And I also got back into pens

Sailor’s Ink & Dip Pen Set

To be more specific, dip pens. Recently, I’ve been into journaling again and I’d use a dip pen because I just love how the writing sensation is with it. The sound of pen and paper is just soothing.

I then discovered this Dipton ink from the brand Sailor. They’re known for their high quality and beautiful fountain pens but recently they’ve been releasing a lot of different inks as well. Their Dipton ink is specially made for dip pens and the one I purchased had glitters in it which makes the ink shine blue, sometimes purple, and sometimes red depending the angle you’re viewing it. I saw a YouTube video on it and it immediately made me place an order. (I really need to restrain myself). The ink was gorgeous but I don’t think I’d use it to write my journal since it’d be a waste. Maybe a postcard or a letter to someone one day?

A barista bear for a bookmark

I found this bookmark when I was browsing the bookstores a couple of weeks ago. I’ve always used the classic paper bookmarks but I always misplace them somewhere when I’m reading and I’d get frustrated searching for it. But with this bookmark, you’d just need to hook the paper on the cover and use it as you would with a normal bookmark. So simple, but so game-changing. And the barista bear is cute, so it’s a plus. There were also other embroidery designs but I think this is the best.

With all the damage being done, I don’t think I should be purchasing anymore stationery this month. However, I’m already eyeing something for my next purchase. I just have to make sure I have enough self control to stop myself from squeezing my wallet dry… Let’s just hope that my materialistic desires won’t win.


One response to “There are never enough planners and pens, right?”

  1. You always pick out such cute things! I tried all kind of size planners, and I think the standard paperback book size is my favourite still. It’s just small enough to fit into my purse, but big enough to write everything in. I only use the Monthly pages more than the weekly, but it flexes a lot since I do so many different things during the year.

    I’m jealous of your dip pen. I wouldn’t know what to use it for though, but writing on paper with it sounds so delightful. I just don’t journal enough to need something as cute as that!

    I also love your little bookmark! I’m so jealous! I end up using sticky notes as a bookmark lol I also use my daughter’s school’s bookmark that I had designed in the beginning of the school year. I laminated it so it would last longer!

    Nice haul of things! You really have a great sense of style for planners and stationary in general! I love it all! What is self restrain?! xD I do the same thing, but it’s not just my income, I’m spending my husband’s hardworking money! lol

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