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Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours

I recently just purchased this new watercolor set because the brush from my previous set had some … problems. The brush wasn’t that good and even though the whole set came with a place to put water, it wasn’t really that efficient and just made things messy when I tried to adjust things.

I did several searches on Youtube and other websites and found out that this watercolor set is good for beginners (I started watercolor at 10 years old but I still am a beginner until now, lol.) It comes in 12 basic colors, the main body compartment, and a small compact brush.

The whole thing, still new and untouched

The palette does come with the basic ‘Chinese white’ color but there’s no black, unlike the Kuretake set, which I find it a little bit inconvenient sometimes when I need to achieve a darker shade. However, I think most artists don’t use black and white that often because they use other darker colors to achieve the colors they want.

The pamphlet with shades (not all colors listed are in the palette)

There’s also this handy color chart that came in with the box itself. But in the end, I always make my own color chart on a piece of watercolor postcard because it’s more reliable. Haha. I can always mix and match the colors to make new combinations as well!

The tiny brush

The brush is only 10.5cm when extended, which I think is really small even for my tiny hands. It’s hard to paint huge areas with this brush (obviously). This led me to purchase a really cheap but nice water brush from Kuretake which I will feature in my next post.

The actual paint coming off

I was quite surprised when the paint came off from the mini tray while I was unwrapping the labels. This didn’t happen to this particular color only. In fact, 6 colors came off from its tray. Sometimes I also find one or two trays get stuck to the ceiling of the box when it was closed because the paint was ‘sticky’. 😆

The most exciting part

Unwrapping the watercolors one by one was definitely time-consuming, but it is the most exciting part of getting this palette. Haha. I tried to find out as well if the company sells specific color trays for when people run out of it, but it seems they don’t. Well, or at least I couldn’t find it on Amazon.

Comparison of Kuretake (left) and Winsor & Newton (right) set.



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  1. I took up watercoloring for a brief period of time. I made some water color animals that I was suppose to have hung up in the nursery for the baby, but I only had half a room to decorate in, so I didn’t get to hang them up. 🙁 Your set looks fantastic! I used the ones that children uses by Crayola. lol I didn’t want to invest in too much money for a project that I wasn’t sure I was going to like.

    Also, thank you so much for my birthday gift! It’s so cute! Thursdays, my mother-in-law is suppose to watch the baby so I can go off and do my own thing. Unfortunately, that’s when I can get most of my cleaning done because she’s not here to cry while I’m out of the room, doing laundry or cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen. I always check on her every 5 minutes or so to make sure she doesn’t get into anything she’s not suppose to, or hurting herself. Is just that one day doesn’t seem long enough at all. Sorry that I haven’t be online very much any more. She knows how to stand and walk now, so she always tries to play with my laptop when I’m using it. Makes it hard to design or blog with her pressing on the keys. lol

    1. Taking care of a child is indeed a busy thing. I don’t want to scare you but there’s that time during my childhood when I was rushed to the hospital to get stitches on my head because I fell from a three-wheeled bicycle I randomly drove when my mom wasn’t looking. 😆 Might sound funny now but I truly suffered so much during those times. Haha. Now I kind of understand a bit what she feels to take care of me.

      I wasn’t really an independent child, so I always had my mom drive me to and pick me up from school every day. Now that I think about it, that’s the main reason why she couldn’t have all the relaxing time she could at home. She had to wake up from her naps or get up really early in the morning to prepare food and such. So I think it’s good to teach your child (once she grows up more) to be (just a little) more independent. Man, I felt really spoiled back there when I was a child.

      Oh, and one advice coming from my relatives! My uncle’s daughter who’s now still attending primary school had to get glasses with -4 because she got exposed to iPad too much during her toddler times. Her mom just threw an iPad at her if she was too busy to take care of her daughter, so yeah … Better be careful with that!

      Anyways, glad to hear that you’ll be able to have more time alone (even if it’s for cleaning)!

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the baby needing glasses. I actually don’t let her play with things like that, but she does love my phone. I always take it away from her when she is able to grab it without me knowing. lol I was the clumsy one in my family. I had stitches twice under my chin in the same spot. I slipped in the bathtub, chasing my cat when I was 4 lol, and then when I was 5/6 years old, I fell trying to get down off monkey bars (it looked like this: http://playgroundequipmentpictures.com/large/5/Playground-Equipment-Pictures-5.jpg). I also ripped my toe nail off my big toe when I was a teenager, broke my arm from balancing on wood that wasn’t secured, been on crutches and then all the dumb things I did at work. lol So far, my baby has not hurt herself that bad! And I hope she doesn’t at all!

    Anyways, I did post my bullet journal for you to see! And I got a new banner up!

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