Exploring gouache painting

I haven’t painted something in awhile and suddenly got the urge to recently. Maybe it’s stress, maybe I just wanna spend money on something. Anyways, I bought a new paper palette (that I actually didn’t need) and a watercolor paper. I never realized watercolor paper could be pretty pricey for the amount of pages we

How do you gain motivation?

Maybe it’s because I’m a super pessimist, but I don’t understand how people can stand again after facing so many failures. They always say it’s only over when you give up. But when situations look so bleak and depressing, how do people stay positive and strong? I’m currently having a hard time picking myself up

Experimenting with more art style

I tried doodling more stuff today since I finished one of my job applications. I only realized after all this time that I suck at making details haha. Since I don’t have proper foundation of drawing people and stuff, the more detailed I try to make something, the weirder it gets. So this time I