Hi, I’m Kat 🐈

Survivor of the pixel website era ✨. Loves 🍵 and 🍜 undyingly. 
Occasionally blogs, watches anime, draws, and 💤 procrastinates.
Loves anything cute and aesthetic, though wouldn’t describe herself as one.  Enjoys travelling 🧳, photography 📷, and 🎮 gaming. Her days are powered by unholy amount of matcha, coffee, and bubble tea.

Find her tumbling, tweeting, or uploading square-sized pics.


A shortened form of ‘unaesthetic’. Born after my old website from 2015 got terminated due to increasing hosting costs that the previous host can’t bear to incur. It’s not my first time being kicked out, but I never learn from my lesson, resulting in this blog not having a proper XML backup I can use to restore my past posts. Anyways, who knows when’s the next time I need to pack my backups again? But for now, I’m grateful for Leprd to host my small space.