Daily Monday is here!

After hours of coding and staying up till 3 AM just because I couldn’t leave my work undone, finally, I finished this new layout! I named it Instalike cus it looks like the Instagram profile page. Haha. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually coded something from scratch, to be honest (well not really, some of the


I finally updated the theme a bit. It’s been awhile since I’ve retouched my blog’s appearance ever since I got my hands on Hobonichi. I started filling my daily journal more often than I could maintain regular posts on this blog. Sometime along the way I even forgot that this blog existed at all. 😥

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White Ver 2.0

I’ve finally got the chance to update this website’s layout into something at least ‘decent’. This layout was originally named White for it’s plainness but in the end it looked to similar to my previous layout which has a mixture of salmon red and tosca — my favorite color. One thing that I’ve never had in my

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Hello world!

I finally finished redesigning my blog! It took me days to get it done since I had so much homework and tests to prepare. Sigh. I couldn’t retrieve my old posts because the old database couldn’t be accessed. I guess I’ll just have to restart this blog from square one. The theme I’m using was

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