Sewing books and a classic novel

This spring, I have started a new hobby that I thought I’d never pick up. I watched random YouTube videos and was inspired by one of the people who had sewing as a hobby. I think it’s a very soothing hobby somehow. Afterwards, I went on and purchased my very first sewing machine with no

Hobonichi 2017 Lineup

The full lineup of the new Hobonichi covers are out here! I had been looking forward for this since they’ve announced that they’ll be releasing a whole new set of covers last month. I even followed their daily sneak peeks on their website just to satisfy my curiosity. I scrolled through the website yesterday just to immediately

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Prolonged procrastination

Hello there! Forgive me for being unable lazy to update my posts here. Lots of unimportant things happened and I had no spirit to update even once. Sigh. Even I’m pretty clueless myself about what to post in this entry. Usually I just do anime watch lists (this season’s pretty amazing!) and random boring life

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Reads about death and mind

I finally got several books to post about ever since my last book related post. The reasons for the long wide gap of unavailable reads are: 1) I just didn’t have the time to read and; 2) There aren’t so many interesting books being published recently. Which led to another reason why the books that I

Finally, some books

I asked my friend who went on a study tour to Singapore to buy me a Japanese manga. I’m glad he didn’t make a mistake this time. (Hey, I know you’re reading this). I’ve always wanted to have either a novel or manga in Japanese to practice my reading skills. I thought that novel was

Midterm break

I wouldn’t actually call it a ‘break’, seeing as we students still have shitloads of work to do that were given by teachers. I’m also still thinking about the inevitable red mark on my midterm report. Nevertheless, having three days off (excluding Saturday and Sunday) is till something that I really have to appreciate, since