Feb-Mar Favorite Purchases

There were a lot of items that I would really like to purchase back when I was still away from Japan. So I ended up doing a mini shopping spree almost immediately after I came back. Weck storage containers were one of the items I found really cute and practical when I was browsing some

Chuu 2019 Lucky Bag

Aside from the Adidas Lucky Bag, I also got another Lucky Bag from Chuu this year. It’s my first time seeing them selling it and at first I was unsure whether the contents would justify the price. There were two ‘prices’, 10,800 yen and 5,400 yen. I got myself the pricier one because it comes

Chuu 2017/2018 Winter Fashion Haul

Despite living in Japan, I’m not a really big fan of Japanese fashion style. I mean, I like brands such as Uniqlo for their simplicity in design and comfortable clothing, but after some time, I realize that most of their clothing lineups are the same and boring and repetitive. During my winter holidays, I was