Daily Monday

Back under the emergency state

I’ve been going to work (literally, to the office) almost every day this week. Last time I went to the office was at the beginning of April, to attend the entrance ceremony. Afterwards, I’ve been spending every single day at home. But my boss was quite worried that I would develop some kind of depression from being locked in for too long and unable to grasp what it’s like to actually ‘work’. So he decided that I should go to the office at least several times. I hate the morning rush, but I feel a bit more alive from being able to actually go somewhere and meet people.

But then Japan decided to place Tokyo under another emergency state just right before Olympic. I’m guessing they’re doing this in order to reduce the flow of people so that they don’t need to cancel the event. But that just sparked more rage and more people are protesting against the government’s decision to hold the Olympic. And because the whole prefecture is placed under restriction, my company forbids anyone without permission to go to the office. So, I guess I’m going back to working from home from next week.

It’s been raining daily for the past few weeks and Shizuoka prefecture was hit pretty hard with a landslide and killed multiple. Earlier today, several prefectures on Kyushu island was also under heavy rain that alert levels were set at the highest point. Citizens were told to evacuate since they feared the possibility for landslides. And tonight, tornado warning was issued to everyone living in the Tokyo prefecture. I hope nothing bad actually happens…

Expense Log #5: Hobonichi, new phone, and shoes

I bought two new hikidashi pouches from Hobonichi since they were 30% off. I’ve owned their small and pocket version which I used as a pencil case and medicine pouch. This time I decided to get a pocket-sized peacock pattern since it’s so pretty. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to use this for since this one is pretty much an impulse purchase.

Hikidashi Pouch Ane version. Image from Hobonichi.

The second pouch I bought is a present for my mom, so I’m not opening the packaging at all. I figured she’d love the pattern and colors. She always uses a huge wallet so I think this will fit her requirements for one. I didn’t tell her that I purchased this, so it’ll be a surprise!

iPhone 12

Image from Apple

I told myself I’d wait for iPhone 13 since it’s near, but I gave in and bought iPhone 12 instead. It’s a huge leap for me since I’ve been using my iPhone 7 for almost 5 years now. The decision to switch was immediate after I heard from my superior that there will be business trips soon. I thought I’d just stress myself out if I brought my old and slow 7 with a non-existent battery to trips. So I made up my mind and switched.

A lot of my friends asked why I didn’t go for 12 Pro instead since the price difference is small. Well, I simply didn’t have the need for a Pro camera since I already own a mirrorless camera if I really want to put my mind into photography. Another reason is because I’m thinking of investing in the smartwatch if the world goes back to normal and going to work is a thing again. It’s a really convenient tool to use public transportation hands-free. But I’m going to put that idea aside for now.

Allbirds Tree Breezers

A new addition to my collection of shoes. I bought this for work as well. I’ve been using my old job hunting shoes and that really hurt my feet to the point everything was red and sore. I told myself I’d get a new and proper pair once I get enough money to spare. I did not regret my purchase one bit. This has got to be the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve tried on. It makes me want to try their sneakers as well. But that’s gotta wait too, because my existing sneakers are still fine.

I don’t have a lot of stuff left in my wishlist since I consider this month’s purchase to be quite big. I do still have a couple of necessities to purchase, but that’s mainly food. Although I’m thinking of purchasing hairstyling oil and accessories since I want to try changing my hairstyle around, but going to the hairdresser comes first.

That’s it for this month! I hope I’ll be able to lessen next month’s expenditure.