Planner and Notes for 2022

2021 is ending soon and it’s that time of the year again where I get to busy myself with choosing planners and notebooks for the upcoming year. I think I’ve managed in slimming down the number of planners I use simultaneously throughout the year. Here are some that I’m thinking to use next year: Stalogy

The Jibun Techo Lite Mini

I decided to get a new planner for work next year. I was going to purchase Hobonichi Weeks for that, but I suddenly got reminded of a planner I used two years ago from Kokuyo, the Jibun Techo. I remembered that they released a new minimal and aesthetic version of it either this year or

2021 Hobonichi Lineup

Here comes the yearly Hobonichi-related post. I always look forward to the end of August since that’s when they usually release their full lineup. I’ve gotta say that I’m not that impressed with this year’s designs since it’s just not my style or preference. But I did find several covers that I’d love to have,

My 2020 Hobonichi

I visited Tokyo last week to work on some visa applications. I visited Ginza Loft (possibly the biggest Loft in Japan) while I’m at it and … bought new Hobonichi covers when I told myself I wouldn’t buy it … The soda water cover (left) has been in my wish list ever since they released

Hobonichi 2019 Lineup

Hobonichi just launched the preview website for the 2019 store. As usual, I’ll be talking about the covers that piqued my interest. So let’s start! As I previously mentioned in my tweets, I find most of the covers this year a bit disappointing. The only cover that caught my eye (after surfing through the cover pages

Trying Out Jibun Techo

Yes. ‘Tis another post about planner, people. I was supposed to publish this back then in 2017 but then I just completely got swallowed by uni and sleeping during my winter holiday. So yeah, before my holiday ends I’m just gonna post a quick post about what this planner is and why I switched my main

Unboxing the Hobonichi 2018!

I finally placed my Hobonichi order on the 24th while I was still back in my home country. It took them just three days to ship the thing off and one day for it to reach my apartment! The package reached my place exactly one day after I returned to Japan so I was really