Week 28 Update

This week’s hella rainy. I don’t think there was a time that it actually stopped raining. On Tuesday morning, 5 AM, the city hall woke everyone by issuing emergency announcements to our smartphones. I just went to bed at 4 AM after playing Fire Emblem so I just disregarded it and went back to sleep

Personal thoughts about job hunting

I’ve been continuing job hunting for half a year now and I personally think this activity is ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s because of the pandemic, but I just feel that it’s impossible for me to reach the end of this journey. It may sound like I’m complaining and whining, but I’m just trying

Week 27 Update

I swear problems never stop coming into my life. Although this week is somewhat less hectic, I still had to run around town to do stuff. I discovered only recently that I couldn’t withdraw money from my home country’s bank account for some reason. My mom tried to contact the customer center but they didn’t

June 2020

Boundaries of day and time have almost completely disappeared for me. I guess staying indoors for too long really makes one’s senses about time blurred. Anyways, we’re already in the middle of the year. It feels unreal that the time spent I’ve spent self-quarantining has already amounted to 4 months now. Highlights Actually progressing in

The busiest week in a quiet month

This might just be the busiest week that I’ve encountered in the entire month solely for the reason of interviews and numerous personal appointments I have with people. Monday started with me getting a one-on-one mock interview with the people from career office to prepare me for an upcoming company interview for the next day.

I’m tired of interviews

I just had my interview this Tuesday and I’ve never felt so judged in my life haha. I know judging people is the job of the interview, but what good does it do if you make the interviewee uncomfortable and unable to explain things the way they want? All this time, I’ve prepared for interview

Week 25 Update

I decided to write about the tiny progress of my whole week! It’s week 25/53 of 2020. An overall relaxed but a somewhat hectic week! Achievements Made a weekly art (featured header image!) I received an invitation for an online interview with a company! Online meeting with a career advisor to prepare for the interview

Making progress

Although I have not reverted to my normal sleeping and eating schedule, I have been making steady progress on my thesis. I have decided to focus on it and get it done ASAP so that I can shift my attention fully for job hunting. Of course, it’s easier said than done since I start to

How do you gain motivation?

Maybe it’s because I’m a super pessimist, but I don’t understand how people can stand again after facing so many failures. They always say it’s only over when you give up. But when situations look so bleak and depressing, how do people stay positive and strong? I’m currently having a hard time picking myself up