Daily Monday


I just turned seventeen four days ago at the 11th of August. 😀 My family celebrated it in the evening of that day by going out and eating together at Holy Cow! restaurant.

Tenderloin Wagyu Steak
Tenderloin Wagyu Steak

Then we ate several slices of cake that my mom bought the other day right after the dinner.

Tiramisu Cake
Tiramisu Cake

The cake tasted so bitter, nonetheless it was still delicious. Mom said she’s going to buy me another cake once I finished distributing the leftovers to my friends. 😛 I distributed them the next day. Some of my friends never realized that it was my birthday … Oh well.

Hello world!

I finally finished redesigning my blog! It took me days to get it done since I had so much homework and tests to prepare. Sigh. I couldn’t retrieve my old posts because the old database couldn’t be accessed. I guess I’ll just have to restart this blog from square one.

The theme I’m using was an old one that was used by Aozora. I modified it a bit so it looks bright and cleaner 🙂 I also made the favicon by myself. It’s an anime character called Umaru.

As for the blog name … I kinda threw away some Japanese names since it’s kind of mainstream and boring right now. (Oops). So I just randomly used google translate and got Somniatis, which means ‘dream’ in Latin, as my blog name. I’m really fond of it right now since it sounds unique! 😀

I’ll have to recreate some pages later on since they’re all not complete yet. I also plan to renew the emoticons when I have the time! Until then, please bear with this boring blog.