September 2021 Update

There’s nothing much going on with my life at the moment, which is great, I guess. If there are notable events, it’d be that I got my 2nd shot of vaccine two weeks ago. I also finally received an ID card that I applied for 4 months ago (god damn it, Japan) and finally started

Spending the Golden Week in nothingness

I spent my time home as usual, of course. I only went out once to get my groceries done. Spent one of the days painting, and another day staring at 4 rolls of poorly made homemade kimbap while figuring out how I’m supposed to consume all of this before it expires without getting sick of

Spending Golden Week doing pastime activities

I was so bored and had nothing to do (that’s a lie, I have so many things to do) so I took out my painting supplies and started painting randomly. It’s unplanned at all, so the final result looks weird to me. But that’s OK since I had fun just mixing colors and see how

A game that shatters your heart to a million pieces

I’ve just completed my first playthrough of Omori, a psychological horror RPG game. I bought it on Steam for $20 because the art and premise seemed really interesting and cute. I thought it’d be cute … but then it destroyed me inside. It’s kind of difficult to describe the entire plot without giving away what’s

Spreading the Genshin love

I’ve mentioned in the previous post that I’m currently really into Genshin Impact, an open world RPG created by miHoYo. I’ve seen their ads several times before finally giving in after my friend recommended it to me. Now I’m just a fangirl who plays this game daily. What is it? Your starting character (basically the