Minimal Skincare 2020

I haven’t updated my skincare items for a while, so here I am introducing some old and new items in my routine! I ran out of my old balm cleansers (previously used E Nature and Heimish). So I decided to give some new brands a try. I originally thought Sioris’ milk cleanser was a second

Current skincare favorites

It might look like I bought a lot of products and threw my money off the window, but rest assured, most of them are cheap samples that I bought to test out lol. Let’s jump straight into the contents! People were raving about this toner for the longest time and I had to get my

Spring/Summer Skincare Favorites Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about skincare and makeup. I’ve been switching from one product to another to find the one that complements my skin fully. Since it’s transitioning to summer now, I had to change my moisturizers as my previous ones are not just makes my skin feel so greasy. 😥 Cleanser: I’m

(More) Skincare Haul

Let me be honest with you. I have been sucked into the black hole of Korean skincare world ever since I tried the Innisfree products. It worked very well for my skin and so I became more and more interested about other products. This haul is the result of me watching too much Youtube videos

Review: Innisfree Products

I purchased these products several months ago before leaving Japan to return to my country during the winter break. I got it through an Amazon seller based in Korea. At that time I was getting more sucked in into the skincare world (specifically Korea’s) and found out more about different brands. This road-shop brand particularly

Review: Japanese Skin Care

I decided to do a review for the skincare products that I bought several weeks ago on a whim. Overall, the products were good but there are certainly some that I wouldn’t repurchase unless I have no other alternatives. DHC Cleansing Oil This cleansing oil was actually really good on removing makeups, however, it dries

Japanese Skin Care Haul

Coming to Japan, I’ve always been interested in their skincare and makeup products because of the packaging! I personally am not a makeup fan, however, I still love skin care because they’re important! I did several kinds of research on the most popular skin care products available and decided to give it a try! Honestly,