2020 Fall/Winter Skincare Purchases

I haven’t purchased any new skincare for quite some time since I’ve been focusing on finishing the previous ones I had. As the season gets colder, I decided it’s time to purchase some new skincare to adapt to that!

Etude House Hydro Barrier Cream

This is actually a sample size for the actual product that’s in a tub. I personally don’t like products in tubs so I opted for this one instead haha. The consistency is light and not as thick as normal creams that you would imagine which suits my preference since my skin can’t really stand normal thick creams. I will probably start using this in Winter as a part of my night routine!

Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Ampoule

I’ve always been curious of this since the artemisia became a very popular skincare ingredient in Korea used for calming the skin down. For some reason, my skin have been breaking out more recently and it gets irritated really easily. I decided to get this one since a lot of reviews says it’s good for calming the skin down and it turns out to have a pretty thick consistency which is perfect for the transition period!

The next thing I got is more like a supplementary product. It’s a blackhead clearing mask. I stopped using normal pore-stripping packs since it’s too harsh and bad for the skin. This product however, works differently in three steps. First, it “melts” the blackheads on your skin (pack no. 1), then you use the given q-tips (not shown in the picture, but it’s included in the box) to sort of scoop it up, and finally you can reseal the pores (pack no. 2). I’ve tried it once and I must say it works really effectively. It’s probably good if you use this once every 3 to 4 weeks for best results.

Moonshot Tintfit Blur #502

This one’s not a skincare, but I decided to get it together with this purchase since my old lip products expired. It’s a pretty warm brick shade which is a bit lighter in shade compared to my current 3CE lipstick I have. Heck, we don’t even show our faces to people these day because of masks but I thought it’d be handy since we still have online meetings sometimes. I’m not a fan of the smell, though, I can’t describe it but it’s sickeningly sweet.

A freebie I got from this purchase. I love this toner so much that I finished using up the original size yesterday. I didn’t purchase a new one because I had another toner lined up for use.

Roudlab’s Dokdo Toner

I got this from Olive Young’s online store around two months ago. I wanted to try it out since they had a huge discount campaign at that time. I’ve only used it once and so far I have no complaints. It’s your standard hydrating toner. I thought it’s a great timing to switch to this one since I’m going to start layering up products for Fall. The Laneige Cream Skin would be a bit too thick for that, but this Dokdo Toner does the job well so I’m happy with this purchase!

That would be all for this mini haul! I’m quite happy with my current progress of committing to a few skincare products at a time. I also feel a little proud for not purchasing skincare (haul level) for the past 8 months since I was trying to finish up everything I had in stock. At this point of time, I have no extra products in my inventory except for one cleansing balm (and the rest being freebies or tester products I got for free). This way, I have been able to save up more money for other necessities and also lessen up the space I take to store my items. I’m trying to always be conscious of my purchases from now on as well!

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  1. Wow! I’m always jealous of how well you take care of your skin! I don’t buy a whole lot of skin products. Usually just a blackhead remover scrub that I use maybe once a week. Most stuff causes me to break out in pimples. My skin is so weird. lol Anyways, I’m interested in the blackhead remover that you bought. It seems interesting! I’ll have to look it up and see if I can get it here!

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