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Spending all my money on food

I’ve never thought that the day would come where I’d feel joy from shopping food or ingredients online. I went out a couple of days ago to do groceries since I was running out of ingredients for my meal. I accidentally found a bunch of pasta sauce made by a company based in Hokkaido. The packaging looked aesthetic so I got it and tried it out. It turned out to be really good! I immediately looked up their website and found out they have a bunch of other Italian cooking related spices and sauce. I was really tempted to buy these stuff online but then realized I would have to pay $10 shipping if my purchase is under $100. Nope. I would grab their goods if it was in my local supermarket, but only the pasta sauces were available. Sigh.

The other day I also dropped by Muji because I was around the area. I’ve been wanting to make use of my frozen seafood mix since they’re expiring soon so I picked up their Tom Yum paste and a bunch of other stuff. I decided to also try their Kao Man Gai. It’s basically Thai’s hainam chicken rice. I went home only to realize that I forgot to buy milk and chicken which are needed for the two recipes. Haha …

I’ve also been craving for some cake. My mom would gladly make me Tiramisu or Cheesecake or Gateau Chocolate when I want one but that’s not even possible these days. I really wanna try baking but my apartment kitchen is too small to fit anything. I guess I’ll settle with supermarket sliced cakes for awhile.

Now, I shall go and buy milk and chicken.



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  1. I’m not big into pasta, but I’m told by my husband that I’m very good at making it. Anyways, it never hurts to find some new recipes! I hope everything turned out delicious!

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