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Not being a student sucks

Picture explanation: One of the most famous instant yakisoba brands in Japan released an Apple Pie flavored yakisoba recently. It’s infamous for it’s horrible taste. I got my hands on one because my friend bought me the wrong one when I told him I wanted the original flavor.


I went to the City Hall yesterday to sort out some documents for my pension in Japan. Yes, foreigners are forcefully enrolled into the Japanese pension system once they turn 20 no matter what kind of profession one has or whether you have an income or not. If you’re a student enrolled in a university, though, you can apply for an exemption until you graduate. But after you graduate, you will have to start paying around 16,500 yen a month (which I only found out about yesterday).

I’ve always wondered why foreigners are obligated to do this when it’s not even certain if they’re going to retire in Japan. There may be some explanation for this but for now, I just think the system is stupid lol. It feels like a complete rip off.

One of the city hall staffs mentioned that I should have received a bill for October telling me to pay that monthly fee. I recall receiving an envelope from the Japan Pension service but I think I discarded the contents almost immediately since I didn’t think that would be an invoice. Hopefully they’ll send me another one once they realize I didn’t pay. Anyways, for now, I have to pay 16,500 yen a month for the next 6 months until I officially enter the company and work. Apparently there’s a different pension system I can enroll into once I enter a company. I’m extremely upset because that means I can’t even spend my money on other leisurely stuff.


No longer being a student comes with tons of demerits here. You lose all the possible student discounts you can get. Be it from dining in a restaurant, going to a karaoke, or even purchasing transportation tickets. What I’m most upset about is the increased fee for my Amazon Prime subscription. As a student, I only had to pay $20 but that price doubled since my student status expires. The same goes with other subscription services like Spotify (but then again I never paid for this service despite having a student status). Having to pay for these stuff in their full price sucks especially when you don’t have a proper income yet. I mean, how is it logical to take almost $150 for pension from a jobless person?

At this point I can only see demerits from graduating. Being an eternal student seems better (they give you scholarship to study!) rather than being a worker now.



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  1. I hope everything worked out in the end for you in the end. I’m sure it’s very stressful. Also, did you like the apple pie ramen? I don’t think I could ever eat something like that. lol

    1. No. It was really hard for me to even put that thing into my mouth because the smell threw me off lol. It smells like a legit apple pie but you can’t taste anything like it when it goes into your mouth. People say it tastes better when you throw curry powder inside it, though. Too bad I don’t have one haha. I couldn’t finish it and decided to throw it out because I couldn’t take it anymore.

  2. Oh goodness! It does sound terrible, but at least you can say you tried it! lol I bought some “sweet heat” Skittles candy just because I never seen them, but I bought them for my husband and his best friend because I’m scared to try them lol. I can’t handle anything weird like that. It’s already hard for me to stomach most ramens (I’m not a seafood person at all. A lot of imported ramen has shrimp/oysters in it).

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