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What do you do when you wake up so early in the morning?

For whatever reason, I was able to sleep pretty early yesterday before 9 PM and I woke up at 6 AM. It’s a very weird experience for me since I usually don’t get to sleep that early because of my insomnia. Waking up early with nothing to do makes me a bit restless, though, so I decided to go for my weekly groceries.

It’s definitely getting colder around here. I had to go out with my jacket on. I should’ve gone with the windbreaker because the wind was so strong, but I was too lazy to climb back up to my room to exchange. I spent around 10 minutes walking to the nearest 24-hour supermarket (bless these places, really). Morning light is definitely nice.

There were literally no other customers except the staffs at 7 in the morning. They were busy restocking and lining up new fresh goods in the vegetable and fruits area. I guess one of the downsides to shopping this early is that you sometimes can’t find the items you want because the staffs haven’t put it on display yet. Luckily, most of the items I was going to get was not in the fresh area so it was fine. There were no lines at the cash register when I went to pay. It just feels good to be able to immediately pay and go.

I dropped by the local bakery near my apartment afterwards. I don’t usually go here since their items are a bit pricier compared to supermarket’s but their bread is so good, especially in the morning since they always make a fresh batch each day. I usually get their pizza bread, but since I bought one from the supermarket, I decided to let my explorative side take lead and went ahead with a mini baguette and their tub of garlic butter.

I had them together with a cup of hot cafe latte for breakfast once I got back to my apartment. I don’t know why I have never bought their butter yet but it’s so good. Baguettes are still too hard for me (to chew) since I’m not used to it, but they taste good anyway. By the time I finished breakfast, it’s only 8 AM and I immediately got restless since I have nothing to do. I decided to spend an hour cleaning my apartment. I vacuumed and mopped the room after dusting my furnitures and electronic appliances. God, I hate dusts.

I remembered that I got a 3-months Kindle Unlimited subscription for 99 yen (1 USD-ish?) after seeing the deal on Prime Day. So I went ahead and downloaded a bunch of magazines and gave it a flip. It’s kinda convenient since I don’t need a place to store the physical object and I can always go back to it easily. The thing with magazines, though, is that I mostly open it for the visuals so I end up finishing it quickly because I don’t read most of the text haha. But it was a good alternative to kill time before lunch.

So now I’m writing this post 3 hours after lunch (I was reading manga and webtoons after). Waking up super early makes the days feel so long. I’m not sure how to spend the rest of the day now. What do you do to entertain yourself? I really need new entertainments!



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  1. I love shopping so early in the morning when no one is around. One reason is because of the obvious covid (which is getting worse in my state. There is no law for wearing masks now.) And two, I always run into nasty people later in the day. I had so many bad encounters that I’m really put off with shopping. Probably why I’m okay with not going to the mall anymore (and because of covid). It is hard to find fresh food in the morning though, but I usually get lucky, and when I don’t, I just ask an associate (the best part of getting older is that you don’t care if you look dumb or not and you feel less stupid asking). If you have the classic small apartment (one bedroom, small kitchen, bathroom) then I can see how you run out of things to do. I’m usually so busy with chores that it takes up half of my day. (Having a child also makes chores longer since she usually adds to the mess). When I’m done with chores, I usually watch something or play a computer game. Although, when I was younger, I would take the time to work out. I usually speed walk for three miles. It’s very invigorating, and wears you out but in a good way. It actually helps you sleep better at night. I also draw during the down time or use my bullet journal. Reading is another thing I use to do (I have to admit, I have read anything for awhile). Maybe you could explore new recipes? You could try making your own bread! It’s very easy, but I do admit, it takes a few times to be successful. Bread is a little tricky, but I think you can handle it!

    1. I would really love to delve into some new games. But my Windows laptop is just not built for gaming at all. It has the worst graphics card that even Photoshop runs in weird colors. Haha. Well, I can’t complain since it’s a working laptop.

      I can’t bring myself to work out. I mean, I can start, but I couldn’t find the immediate reason to continue for a long term. I’d like to pick up running/jogging but since I haven’t exercised properly for years, a simple walk or jog could cause runner’s itch and I really hate that sensation. I know my body needs to get used to exercising to get rid of that sensation but I wish such thing didn’t exist in the first place haha.

      I was actually thinking about exploring recipes as well. Maybe I’ll go with your suggestion and go with bread-making! First, I need a proper space to do the work (all that dough-related stuff), though. Haha.

  2. I actually only play one game on my laptop which is Sims4. Since I have several occult versions, I been trying them out. So far, they’re all fun, but I can’t say I’m having fun playing as a mermaid. Maybe I haven’t really gave it much time, but there seems to be less things involved. You have to stay hydrated which honestly was just replaced with the showering. And you can talk and play with a dolphin which I thought would be fun, but it’s not much fun. In fact, the game glitches out and you don’t see the dolphin so you can’t interact with it for much longer since you can’t click on it. I play Animal Crossing and Pokemon on the Switch when I have down time too, not just games on my laptop.

    I hate exercising too which is why I’m overweight. I also have poor diet because the older I get the more I just don’t want to eat certain things. I’m not obese, but if I don’t try to exercise now, then I might be when I’m 40. I find that gross so lets hope I find the motivation. lol

    Bread making is a lot of fun and very rewarding when you do get it right. It also takes patience and sometimes you don’t need nearly as much flour as the recipe calls for. You’ll have to watch it carefully if you are using a stand mixer. You don’t want the dough super sticky. As soon as it stops sticking to the bowl, you don’t need any flour. Then there are times you need to add a little more flour, because again, you don’t want it to stick to the bowl. And I prefer quick-rise (instant) yeast. You don’t need to proof it for 5 minutes in water. You can skip that step. (You’ll just add everything together into the bowl) and you’ll need to make sure you don’t go over 54°C or you’ll kill the yeast. And yes, you can make the dough with your hands which is a lot more fun! It requires a lot of kneading though and can make your hands feel tired, but you can feel the dough when it’s ready (not sticky). (I recommend after adding a cup, add half a cup at a time). Then you’ll never have to spend money at the bakery! (Although, I still do because it’s just easier at times lol).

    1. I’ve always wanted to try the mermaid pack on Sims4. But reading from your description, it doesn’t sound that it’s worth the price haha. I have the apartment life expansion, but I can’t even play that properly because the whole map glitches and I can’t tell my Sims to do this or that. In the end, I gave up and just play on the random extra open maps trying to build micro homes haha. I haven’t played it in awhile though, since it always makes my sad little laptop “cry” and overheat.

      Uhhhh, I think I would need a proper equipment to make bread haha. I only have a small oven toaster and I don’t think I can set the heat. I could use a thermometer but I don’t know where to find a cheap and affordable one around here. Maybe Amazon …

  3. In case you don’t see my comment on my blog, but I really like your Halloween logo! It’s so cute and so very clever! I great way to show enthusiasm for Halloween!

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