Shopping spree!

I just set up my own new bank account today at the local office near my house. It felt like it took forever for my turn to come and to end the process. I didn’t actually finish the process, though, since the entire block suddenly had a blackout. I was unable to get a picture

Midterm break

I wouldn’t actually call it a ‘break’, seeing as we students still have shitloads of work to do that were given by teachers. I’m also still thinking about the inevitable red mark on my midterm report. Nevertheless, having three days off (excluding Saturday and Sunday) is till something that I really have to appreciate, since

How school and teachers made their way around

Getting good scores for my midterm tests are pretty normal for me. Failing those tests were not. A few days ago a word came out that we’re going to have a civics retest. Well I had a feeling that I’d just probably made it pass the passing grades. So I came and checked with the

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As good as nothing

I had always thought that my dad was a jerk not so nice guy. No offense, but that’s what my mom thought about him, too. Today he made the four of us went to a seminar held by Adam Khoo’s company of I Am Gifted camp. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to

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Food bomb

I went to an area called PIK last weekend to eat at TimHoWan. It’s a brand new chinese restaurant in the area and it’s pretty famous. We decided to go there early but it was already crowded by the time we arrived. Their menu is rather unique since they don’t use books like usual restaurants

Expectations and reality

Today I went out of town with my friend Yemima and Eva to a certain university to register for the new freshman admission. The trip took one hour, it was scorching hot when we arrived there. The building was huge, it has a modern design to it. We then went to the admission centre and filled

August 2015 : Week 3

Nothing important happened this week. Just a bunch of hectic schedules filled with tests and homeworks. We did have a celebration for Indonesia’s independence day last Wednesday, though. I guess the celebration was a really nice time to relax from school learning activities. We could actually participate in traditional games competition (I didn’t participate in