• Getting back into Classics

    Getting back into Classics

    As a kid that was born in the end of the 90s, I was still somewhat familiar with film cameras and floppy disks. Though that quickly faded away once digital cameras and CDs became more popular at the beginning of the 2000s. I never got the chance to “play around” with those old technology, but…

  • Feeling a bit lost with life

    I haven’t been updating my blog for a year now because I didn’t feel the motivation to do so and because I didn’t have the room to sort out my thoughts and feelings and properly put them into words these past twelve or so months. A lot of things happened for the past year. Getting…

  • November 22 Wrap Up

    November 22 Wrap Up

    I can’t really recall what happened this month but it sure did pass really quickly for me. Work was okay, which is … okay. The only thing worth mentioning would probably be the small event that the HR finally conducted for the freshmen in my batch. I was originally supposed to meet all 16 other…

  • October 22 update

    October 22 update

    October was such a busy month that I forgot to write. I messed up a lot of things at work, but it’s nothing big so I dealt with the aftermath almost immediately. It’s just I get really exhausted running around trying to fix stuff and deal with people’s unreasonable requests. But unfortunately, those are my…

  • The Popular Cheese Story

    The Popular Cheese Story

    I went to the bookstore recently and saw a translated copy of “Who Moved My Cheese?” lining up in the best selling corner. I thought the title was interesting, so I pulled up the original English version in Amazon and placed an order. The book is really short, just around 90 pages. It depicts the…

  • Unveiling the new Canon Inspic

    Unveiling the new Canon Inspic

    It took me several years, but I finally got my hands on the new photo printer from Canon. This is their renewed version of Inspic printer. I’m not sure what’s different between the old and new versions but I went for the newer one because I like the new body design better and I’ve learned…

  • Work and entertainment update for September ’22

    Work and entertainment update for September ’22

    Work hasn’t been the most exciting thing recently. There were so many things that made me irritated from coworkers to suppliers to randomly assigned assignments. But I guess those are the common stuff that is bound to happen when you have human interactions, so it can’t be helped. I really wish I could fix my…

  • Almond: A Novel Review

    Almond: A Novel Review

    Luck plays a huge part in all the unfairness of the world. Even more than you’d expect. ━ Yunjae

  • I got a desk for ‘analog’ stuff (and a mini book review)

    I got a desk for ‘analog’ stuff (and a mini book review)

    In the book Steal Like An Artist, the author recommended having two separate tables/areas for tech and analog stuff. I don’t remember the reason why. But recently, I’ve just been spending my weekends staring at my monitor with nothing much to do and I wanted to change that habit. I’d like to draw, but I…

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