Week 25 Update

I decided to write about the tiny progress of my whole week! It’s week 25/53 of 2020. An overall relaxed but a somewhat hectic week! Achievements Made a weekly art (featured header image!) I received an invitation for an online interview with a company! Online meeting with a career advisor to prepare for the interview

Getting back to reading Manga

I usually pick up some manga titles after I finish their anime adaptations since I need to satisfy my curiosity. Recently, I’ve been picking up some romance as well! Jibaku Shonen Hanako-kun This series is till ongoing with vol. 13 (see header image) being the latest that just got published last month. I’ve mentioned this

Minimal Skincare 2020

I haven’t updated my skincare items for a while, so here I am introducing some old and new items in my routine! I ran out of my old balm cleansers (previously used E Nature and Heimish). So I decided to give some new brands a try. I originally thought Sioris’ milk cleanser was a second

Making progress

Although I have not reverted to my normal sleeping and eating schedule, I have been making steady progress on my thesis. I have decided to focus on it and get it done ASAP so that I can shift my attention fully for job hunting. Of course, it’s easier said than done since I start to

How do you gain motivation?

Maybe it’s because I’m a super pessimist, but I don’t understand how people can stand again after facing so many failures. They always say it’s only over when you give up. But when situations look so bleak and depressing, how do people stay positive and strong? I’m currently having a hard time picking myself up

Experimenting with more art style

I tried doodling more stuff today since I finished one of my job applications. I only realized after all this time that I suck at making details haha. Since I don’t have proper foundation of drawing people and stuff, the more detailed I try to make something, the weirder it gets. So this time I

I may have to leave Japan?

Today I got an email notification that I have yet failed another job application. This time I failed the application for a retail/sales position for this tech company you guys probably know. The reason why they failed me, though, was rather on the funnier side. Their excuse was “it’s hard for us to provide Visa