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A 3CE Haul

Yay for another haul! (I should really stop buying things.) This time it’s from a brand named 3 Concept Eyes or 3CE for short. It’s a sub-brand for the Korean fashion brand Stylenanda. I actually bought some of the products a few months ago and just added some to the collection recently. Here we go!

Blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick from the Mood Recipe collection

I got their blush in #rosebeige, eyeshadow palette in #smoother, and lipstick #218 Mirrorlike. These are from their Mood Recipe collection and it received a huge attention for quite some time. I don’t really put on makeup much but their colors are so beautiful I couldn’t resist to get myself one. The eyeshadow colors are also subtle so it’s not that obvious if you apply their lighter shades. The blush is also pigmented and has a nice shade as well. The lipstick is a ‘my lips but better’ color but it could accentuate chapped lips so I always moisturize before applying. To be honest, they’re not cheap but their quality compensates for the price.

Milk pack, hand cream, and hair tint

3CE’s White Milk collection has been popular for quite some time. I got their Pack to Foam which is supposed to be a clay mask for your face. I’ve tried this out once and the clay gives a cooling sensation upon application, which is really nice. The product claims to help reduce blackheads and minimize pores but I still have to test it out more to see the visible results.

Next, I got their hand cream in #baby. As the name proposes, it smells like baby powder which I find kind of soothing lol. I have to say this one’s really pricey since you only get 30ml for 800ish yen but the fragrance is divine and I found it to be more long lasting compared to the Muji hand cream that I have.

Picture from Stylenanda

Lastly, I got their treatment hair tint in #natural ash. This is another type of tinting hair dye so it doesn’t ruin your hair. It’s supposed to last for one week. I’ve tried out a similar type of tinting hair dye previously and obviously didn’t work because I didn’t bleach my dark hair beforehand lol. I’m planning to bleach my hair but I guess I’ll have the professionals do it because I don’t wanna destroy my already fragile hair. 😥 I’ll probably use this when I go back to my country since hairdressers are way cheaper there.

That ends this haul post! I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoy writing about it.



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  1. Wow! That is a haul! I love the color choices with your make up. It’s a nice natural look which is my fav look. I hope the tinting went well! I really need to dye my hair again. I’ve got too many white hairs already. T.T Must be from the baby.

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