An update after some time

Nothing eventful has happened ever since the end of the end of the national exams. I’m literally free from school right now so I’ve been doing nothing else other than lazing around at home watching anime or attending my Japanese language course.

All I’ve been doing for these past few days are filling up my daily Hobonichi planner and playing with my new Koi Watercolors set that I bought secretly two weeks ago (psst). I also decided to get a new A6 sized Hobonichi cover (the one I had was A5) named ‘Cast’ for my future mini portable planner. Yes, another reason to waste money.

Image is taken from the Hobonichi website.

Kiev also ordered the same cover. Yay for matching planners! Our order just got shipped today. It’ll probably take two weeks or more for it to reach our hands. Sigh. The wait is always killing.

A bright peony lipgloss and honey lip balm
A bright peony lipgloss and honey lip balm
New beige wedges!
New beige wedges!

Mom bought me makeups even though I’ve never even once wanted to use them, especially lipsticks. Ugh. She also bought me a Pigeon branded compact powder for teens. There were many shades to choose from but she picked the ‘Gold’ color because she thinks it’s more suitable for my skin color. I was just … meh, because I’ve never used those kind of things before.

She got me a nice new and cheap shoes, though. (I’m sure it’s bound to be broken soon enough. Lol.) We saw it on a bazaar stand that was inside the mall after we bought the cosmetics. I’m pretty pleased with the design as well. Moreover, it’s  wedges and not high heels! God bless the shoemaker. There were two colors available, khaki (which looks more like a beige, but khaki was written on the box) and black. I once again chose beige because I don’t fancy black for wedges. Also, those patterns on the shoes looks better on the beige color compared to black. Maybe I’ll buy something black for my footwear in the future …

I guess there’s nothing else I need to say other than sorry for not consistently posting in this blog. Lol. I’m too consumed with filling my planner with my daily thoughts which in turn made me neglect the existence of this blog. Sigh.

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  1. Sometimes after having a long day of school, it’s nice not to have anything exciting happen. Just nice to enjoy the slowness of the days you are free from school. The journal is adorable! I totally want one now! Although, I probably wouldn’t write it in. I’d just throw it up on a shelf like I do with everything else. Sigh. I don’t wear much make up myself. It dirties your pores and increases the chance of skin damage and wrinkles. I do wear make up to special events though! And those shoes! They’re so cute! I wish I could find a pair like those here! (Most importantly, in my size! I’m very tall, so I have ginormous feet!) I hope everything is going well, and that school is going good!

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