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Divoom Ditoo Speaker

I’ve been wanting a bluetooth speaker for the longest time but couldn’t find one with my preferred design and price range. Then I stumbled upon a Youtube video that features a speaker from the brand Divoom. I thought it has everything that I wanted and the price wasn’t that bad for the feature and quality it offers.

Bless my friend because he decided to get this speaker for me as a super early birthday gift! He ordered it online and it got to me around one week after the order was placed.

The packaging was so extra. I love my self some extra packaging but I feel guilty at the same time because I know it’s not the sustainable thing ever. Other products from this company also have a similar packaging design, so I guess it’s their concept. They also give you the small bag in case you want to send it off as a present to someone else!

Inside the package, you will find a USB C cable, the speaker itself, two sheets of stickers, and a user manual.

You can insert a memory card up to 64gb filled with your own songs so you can always play it without having the speaker connected to anything!

The basic operations for this speaker can be done through the keys and the knob. Aside from being a speaker, it can also be a radio, alarm, and game if you’re bored! You can also customize the screen with other artworks that can be found online through the Divoom mobile app.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the quality and functions! Figuring out the app was a bit stressful at first, but I finally got the hang of it after fiddling with it after some time. Audio quality was not bad at all! I think it’s a worthwhile purchase if you’re looking into some cute retro speakers to light up your desk.



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