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Expense Log #2: Fashion items, tarot stuff, and ceramics

I think I managed to suppress my expenses a bit this month in comparison to last month’s. But then again, the laptop expense might be too high for it to be a fair comparison.

A backpack

I got a new one from the Japanese brand Standard Supply to replace my old backpacks. It wasn’t cheap but I think the price I paid was OK since I used up extra points that I’ve saved up. I was going for the Standard size but ended up purchasing the Tiny version instead. I’m regretting a bit for not picking the bigger one, but I guess the smaller one fits my body size better. Since the appearance is very clean, I think I can use this for both future work and casual outings. Overall an OK purchase.

Chuu Fashion

I told myself I wasn’t going to buy any clothing items this month but I once again lost to flash sales. I got two pair of jeans for $15 each, a trench coat for $20 and a blouse for $13. I just love how comfortable their jeans are that I always go back to purchasing a new pair from them once my old ones are starting to look worn out. Their blouse and trench coat turned out to be great too. I’m glad I could get this deal before it was gone!

Tarot Cards & Guide Book

I owned a set of Kawaii Tarot cards but I left them back in my home country and forgot about it until I discovered that one of my favorite Japanese voice actors was practicing tarot readings (yes, I’m weak to external influence). I decided to purchase the original set because I actually like the original illustrations with all the little details and symbolic meanings. I also got a guide book to go with it and have been progressing in reading it daily. There’s a ton of information for each major and minor arcanas that it’s actually overwhelming me a bit. Also, trying to interpret my own readings have been challenging so far, but it’s been really interesting. I probably should’ve tried a 3 card spread first before jumping into the celtic spread lmao.

Val Do Sol Ceramics

I purchased a ceramic bowl and plate from IDEE’s online shop last month and it finally arrived this month. As seen in the picture, they’re created with a perfection in imperfection type of concept. My friend hated the imperfection but I’m weirdly attracted to it, which led me to purchase it (it was also 10% off for winter sale). I think it’s a worthy purchase!

I don’t think I went too crazy this month, which made me a bit happy. Haha. Although I did impulse purchase on the clothing, it’s still something I know I’ll wear for a long time. I think it’s worth the money spent in the end!



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  1. I love your new backpack! I love backpacks, they’re so useful for a lot of things. In fact, I’m hoping someone will get me one for my birthday. >_>;; Also, clothing is something you have to have, so I don’t really see if as a frivolous purchase, unless you spent $50 on each pair of jeans, then it could be considered otherwise. I haven’t bought myself anything for awhile now. Oh wait! I did purchase pastel highlighters that was on clearance. lol Anyways, it looks like you’re shopping for deals, so that’s okay! I wish I could go shopping again. Sigh. Trying to save money is soooo hard!

    1. Hey there! Just seeing how you are doing! Haven’t heard from you in awhile. I hope everything is going well for you. I hope working at the bakery is going well for you too.

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