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I flunk my tests the bad way

I flunked my tests the stupidest way I could flunk it. I guess it’s somewhat ironic. I studied too late to the point I got sleep deprived and unable to concentrate during the tests. I also kind of screwed my biology test today. Might as well screw up my maths test.  🙄

I don’t know why but I guess bad luck is hitting me really frequent recently. I just lost my newly bought highlighter which I even haven’t used because I didn’t notice the hole on the plastic bag the store gave me. It must’ve fell somewhere on the streets while I was crossing. Poor highlighter. I wasted 8k rupiah for nothing.

End tests are starting next Friday. We’re supposed to have a week of preparation in which tests aren’t allowed to be held in that span of time. But yeah, since my school is the type that breaks their own rules for their own advantages, they don’t really give a damn when teachers actually give us additional tests right before the end test starts just for the sake of filling up the score requirements.

I totally got fed up with my physics teacher today. He’s as worse as my civics teacher in every aspect. A total liar, also a kind of freak. He made us do this 15 numbered essay for the previous test but didn’t even look at the process while grading the tests. Why the heck did he make us do essays when he’s not even going to touch the process. He also modified some of the test scores to avoid retests. (Like none of the teachers did that yet. Meh.)

I still have several weeks to go through this year. Hope holidays come soon.



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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about what happen. 🙁 It does sound like you have a lot of bad luck going on. Hopefully that will subside and then you’ll have good luck for awhile! Good luck on your tests. And hang in there! Don’t worry or stress yourself out!

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