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Just a few things I bought in Gotenba & other places

I bought a few things I found interesting during my trip in Gotenba which I will introduce to you in this post! This is basically a New Year shopping post lol.

Lululun Yamanashi & Nagano Limited Edition Peach Mask

I saw this in the souvenir store at Yamanaka Lake and had to get it. I got it mostly because my mom said she wanted more Japanese masks and thought this would be a perfect one for her. There are 35 sheets in total separated into 5 pouches with a zipper. It’s perfect for travelling and doesn’t the packaging look so cute!? Japan never fails to amaze me.

Shizuoka Green Tea

Bought in the same store that sold the mask. It was around 600 yen and it comes with the can to store the green tea. I’ve been wanting to buy a tea can to keep my tea leaves and this seemed so perfect I just decided to buy it on spot.

A pair of Nike sneakers

There’s a factory outlet in Gotenba that we went to (twice). My trusty Vans had shown signs of breaking down so I decided to get a new sneaker for the future. It’s really comfortable and has a nice spring when I use it for running. The price was not cheap, but it wasn’t that expensive either. I believe it was around 6000 or 7000 yen for this pair.

Flat cap from Adidas

I’ve never owned any flat caps but my friend complimented me when I wore his, so I decided to get one myself when I saw it was on discount. It cost me around 1000 yen, which is really cheap for a branded cap. I’m just a bit dissatisfied when I realized lint sticks like crazy on it’s material.

Adidas 2019 ‘Lucky Bag’

In case you didn’t know, Lucky Bags are now like New Year’s tradition in Japan. People would line up in front of stores really early in the morning to get their hands on them. They typically cost 10,800 yen (with tax) and the contents will have value around 20,000 to 30,000 yen. I’ve never gotten one before and initially gave up when I saw the line for Adidas. (We wanted to get Nike’s but they’re not selling it.) I gave it a try in the end and got my hands on it (took me around 1 hour 30 mins). It’s definitely a steal, but whether you’ll like the contents or not depends on the person.

Literally everything in this picture has been recently bought

I bought the teacup, small plate, and bed sheet (it’s so soft!) from Muji after I came back from the trip. They were on sale and I figured I’d get a new set of bedsheets since my old ones aren’t really comfortable for winter. The snacks are Tokyo Banana bread and cookie that I bought in the airport when I came back.

That ends this ‘haul-like’ post. I’m mostly satisfied with most of the things I purchased here and felt like I didn’t really waste my money for nothing. (Except for the lucky bag, maybe, lol). I guess this means I should refrain from buying things this month since I already bought so much!



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  1. I adore your tea can! I don’t brew any loose tea, mostly because I have to travel far to buy loose tea. I ended up using a danish cookie tin to hold my tea bags if they’re not individually wrapped. My favorite flavour of tea is Chai. I just love the smell and all the wonderful spices in it.

    I also like your new shoes. I had to throw all but one pair of sneakers away because I been having feet problems. I had to order special inserts which I hope will work. I’ve always liked the Nike brand, but they don’t fit my feet well. I guess I’m a giant (I’m roughly 170 cm tall and wear somewhere around 28.5 men shoes in Japan.) 😳 🙁 Anyways, it’s hard for me to find cute shoes which is why I normally shop Sketchers.

    I never heard of a “Lucky Bag”. I wish they had something like that here in the US. But at least you got one! What was in it though? lol I’m so curious now! As always, the snacks always look so yummy!

    1. I think my uncle has the same feet problem as you. He needs special shoes, too. Oh, and I do have a Sketchers but it doesn’t fit my feet if I use thick socks for winter 😥
      I couldn’t take a picture of the lucky bag contents because I traded some pieces with my friend. However, I can list the items that I got. In total, I got 2 working out sets and 2 dri-fit shirts. I use one of the sets as a PJ since the insides are so soft lol. The other set consists of a jacket and pants, but the jackets were too small for me so I ended up trading it with my friend for sweatpants. I especially love the dri-fit shirts since they have a very simple but nice design. I will try to take a picture of it when I get the chance!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a lot of great things for the price! I would rather have sweatpants myself, so I think the trade was a good one! It sounds so warm! We’re just now getting the cold snap (16 °C). It’s not super cold, but it’s cold for Florida. lol

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