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Chuu 2019 Lucky Bag

Aside from the Adidas Lucky Bag, I also got another Lucky Bag from Chuu this year. It’s my first time seeing them selling it and at first I was unsure whether the contents would justify the price. There were two ‘prices’, 10,800 yen and 5,400 yen. I got myself the pricier one because it comes with a coat, which I don’t have at the moment.

Passport cover with their mascot
A brick-colored lipstick
And a compact mirror

I started opening the small packages first. I didn’t have a passport cover so I thought it was a nice thing to have. I don’t have small mirrors either, so that’s a good plus. The lipstick has a really good quality. It’s super creamy and it doesn’t accentuate cracks. Unfortunately, it’s not a type of color that I would wear.

-5KG tights

I’m a fan of Chuu’s -5KG bottoms. They’re so comfortable but so expensive. 😥 I didn’t expect to get a pair of tights, but now that I think about it, it’s obvious that they would put tights inside the lucky bag as all the contents in the bag are supposed to be ‘free size’.

A very nice turtleneck

I don’t have many turtlenecks. I think I only have two in total and I don’t really wear them because the weather in Beppu is funny and never stays the same. I’m pretty satisfied with the quality, though.

The PJs worn by the model

Next is a set of PJs. To be honest, this is the most disappointing item in the bag. The material feels nice, but the quality and appearance tells me that it’s a very low quality item lol. Thank God it’s still wearable, though.

A beige long coat
The model using the coat

The last and most exciting item is this long coat. This item originally costs 13,000 something yen, which is more than what I had paid. The coat’s got some weight, but it’s quite warm. The downside is just the length. It’s way too long for my short height lol. I look like someone drowning in their own clothes. Well, if I can’t use it, I’ll just give it to my mom.

That ends this lucky bag post. Do you think lucky bags, in general, are worth it? What do you think of this lucky bag?



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  1. Oh wow! I love everything you got from the lucky bag! Especially the lovely coat and the very cute passport holder! It’s too bad that the pajamas was poor quality, it looks very cute! I also like the lipstick, it’s a shame that it’s not a shade that interest you. I honestly think that lucky bags are worth it. You really get a lot for the money, and it makes you very excited and eager to see what you get!

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