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Bought an expired coffee and almost got hit by a car

The other day, I went to the nearest supermarket to do my weekly groceries. I was passing the coffee aisle and spotted a very cute Starbucks cup. There were two editions, the normal one in white and the Christmas one in red. Being the extreme coffee and cutesy addict I am, seeing the cup instantly triggered me to reach out for it.

Front view
Back view

I just love the extra details at the back and I bet my mom would want one as well if she saw this! The cup is microwavable (as long as you take off the lid) and is also compatible with dishwasher. This recyclable cup also comes with two packs of origami drip coffee.

Expired coffee …

Unfortunately, due to my careless mistake, I did not check the packaging beforehand and only realized that the coffee had expired once I got home! It is partially my fault for not checking, but I think the inventory checker needs to get his/her ass together. It’s 2019 already, why would you put something that clearly says 2018 as the expiration date on the shelf? Sigh.

I biked home from the supermarket and was about to turn left on the intersection near my apartment. I saw someone was crossing the road from afar, so I assumed it was green. I checked the lights, too. It was red for the cars and green for crossing, so I proceeded. However, once my bike hit the zebra cross, the lights turned red but I had no choice but to go forward since I’m already on the road. However, this car lurched forward and almost hit my bicycle and me in the process.


The car braked in time and I couldn’t process what just happened since everything went by so fast. I just pedaled as quickly as I could to get away from the intersection (there were a lot of cars looking at me, too). I wonder why I feel so embarrassed when I’m the victim and almost got into an accident?

So many bad things happened in a day. Sigh.



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  1. Oh my, sounds like a really bad day. I’m glad you didn’t get hit by the car! And I would feel embarrassed too, even if it wasn’t my fault. I think these days people are in such a hurry that they don’t slow down and pay attention to see if people or bicyclist are crossing. I almost got hit by a car in a parking lot once. The person just threw their car in reverse and almost back right into me because they weren’t looking. I hit my hands on the trunk of their car to get their attention. They got mad and yelled at me for hitting their car. I told him it was better for me to than to get run over. His face turn so red from either anger or embarrassment.

    Also, I know it sucks getting expired coffee or any expired foods, but sometimes it’s impossible to know what’s expiring, especially if they haven’t gotten any shipment of that particular item in awhile and if no one brought it to attention. I worked many grocery stores in my life. Also, sometimes if it has an expiration date, doesn’t fully mean it’s expired. It might not be as strong (and could be a little pungent). Also, is it an actually expiration date or a sell by date? If it smells flat or not desirable, then it probably won’t taste as great, but you won’t get sick from it. 🙂 I hope you had better days since then!

    1. The packaging said ‘consume before’, so I assume it’s an actual expiration date. I didn’t wanna risk it so I just use it as a kitchen air freshener lol. Makes my kitchen smell divine.

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