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Muji’s online store policy is dumb

I ordered a dress from Muji the other day which I just received today by mail. I ordered it in the M size since the online store seemed to only have that as the smallest size. But when I opened the package and looked at the tag, I was surprised to see it say, “S, M, L, and XL sizes are available.”

I immediately checked the online store again to see that they indeed show the size ranges S~XL if you search for the item.

But when you click on the thumbnail and proceed to the product details, the S and XL size just disappeared.

I tried clicking the other 4 colors of this dress and some of them had S and XLs. I’m guessing that the S and XL size is out of stock for the beige color I wanted and they just took that option off.

If that’s what it is then, man, the UX/UI developer of this site is dumb.

So here comes the stupid policy.

I thought if they didn’t have the sizes online then I could go and exchange the dress at the nearest branch. But no. Nu-uh, nope. Items bought online can only be returned or exchanged online. Moreover, the policy said that you cannot even request for an exchange if it’s for the reason of size difference etc. I will need to 1) return the item by myself (I have to pay for the shipping, of course), and 2) reorder the stuff in the size I want.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you see the elephant in the room here?

Even if I return the item, I can’t order the dress in S size because they don’t even have the option. Of course I can wait for that particular size to come back in stock. Maybe then the option will reappear.

But come on, who’s patient and dumb enough to wait for that when you have a 30-days time limit to return your shit? (And you have to pay money to return it!)

I’ll probably still wear the dress as an outer although it’ll be oversized. Maybe I’ll give it to my mom if it fits her.

But anyways, screw this thing. I’m out.



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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that! It’s one of the reasons why I don’t buy a lot of clothes online. I usually just order from TeeFury or TheYetee since I know their shirts will fit me from previous times. I can’t trust Amazon since a lot of sellers are from China (and well, the sizes run very small). Anyways, I know your frustrations. I hope you contact their main office and calmly explain the situation. You’ll never know, they could give you your money back, but the key thing is to stay calm, but be firm. I have to fight with online orders constantly, and I usually get my way (or sometimes I get my money back and I can keep the item).

    1. To be honest, I’m not that upset about the size since I can just style it in a different way. I’m more pissed off at the bad UI and the stupid policy lol. I would love to just shop directly but with the virus, it just makes me extra lazy to go out. I probably could call the customer center for this but I decided it’s just not worth my time. Haha.

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