Handling apartments and Visa and job interviews

Today I finally managed to complete my paperwork to extend my stay in the current apartment. I had to fill in a lot of papers and also pay a lot of money for that. Listening to the contract explanation is honestly tiring. I’m really grateful that the English-speaking guy works for this particular real estate company I use.

I’ve also finally received my letter of recommendation for the school. Now what’s left is for me to go to the immigration and do more paperwork there. The school sent me the link that’s supposed to show me what kind of files I needed to prepare for this process, but to be honest, it’s all in Japanese and they have too many different types of application form for Visa extension based on the purpose. My purpose of extension was job hunting, but I couldn’t find one that says exactly that. I guess I have to either call the university’s career office for guidance or go directly to the immigration office since they have the paper version of the form there.

Also, I mentioned about screwing up an interview last post, but I actually succeeded that one miraculously. I guess they’re really desperate for an Indonesian to join them, which I’m really grateful about. The HR person already scheduled me a final interview (for some reason they skipped the 2nd interview?) on the 24th which I’m really nervous about. They originally scheduled it for the 18th but that collides with my graduation ceremony date. I think it’s a wonderful company with very nice people but whether I can pass the interview is another story. I would really love to prepare for it now but it’s still 2 weeks after. The wait is killing me.

Anyways, that’s all for now! If you’re bored, enjoy this small Muji video I made last week.

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  1. Well, it looks like you out done yourself with your first interview and they decided they like you for you which is why you get to skip the second interview! It’s funny how that always works. Half the jobs are get is when I don’t take the interview seriously. Try not to think about it too much especially at the interview. I’m happy to hear that everything is, for the most part, flowing easily for you! It must be a huge relief!

    1. Yeah, I also realized that when I don’t really do well in interviews, I end up passing it for some reason. Haha. I’m trying to focus on some farewell dinners and the graduation ceremony itself for the time being.

  2. You sound so busy! I went back to watch your video! It looks like you got a lot of nice things! The shirt looks so comfy! (I can’t wear Japanese clothing because I’m so big and tall, but I love the softness of the shirts and the cute, comfy styles). The bag is very cute too! It’s about the size I would use too! (So nice that I don’t have to carry around a big bag anymore for my daughter’s things!)

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