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Week 37 Update: Nothing New

I honestly don’t know what to write about this time haha. I’ve been doing nothing but watching anime these days. I had a company info session last week and an interview for that same company today. I don’t know what’s wrong with my brain but I didn’t prepare for it at all and ended up screwing everything. I’m pretty sure I won’t pass this one.

These days I’m just going back and forth Apple’s website because I was contemplating whether I should purchase a new laptop. I currently have one Windows and one Apple but both of them are quite old already. Apps have started to lag and I find myself losing patience using them. I’m looking into a new 13 inch Macbook Pro but the price is not cheap despite the student discount. Of course, the new Macbook Pro with the ARM processor is rumored to be released this year with a cheaper price compared to the current ones for sale, but I’m quite risk averse so I end up worrying about the instability and bugs. Well, I guess this is just a want and not a need, so I can’t bring myself to easily purchase it right now.

Things went well with the apartment contract and I found a new guarantor for my place. If my visa application goes well, I’ll be able to stay in Japan until March, but if it doesn’t then I can still stay here until December.

Graduation ceremony is next week. Time sure does fly quickly.



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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much for the interview. I honestly don’t prepare for them either unless I really want the job. What animes were you watching? I’m re-watching Zombie Live Saga and Mob Psycho season two. Also, I understand the frustrations with laptops. If my husband didn’t put an SD card in mine, I would have given up on using it altogether. It made it feel like a brand new laptop though, so I’m happy to be using it again.

    I’ll probably be very busy in the next couple of weeks, and I’ll explain on my blog a little bit later, but I will visit your blog daily to check to see if you posted!

    1. I’m currently watching Major (an old series about baseball) and Fugou Keiji (sci-fi/cops related). I forgot to catch up with the latest episode of Fruit Baskets or any of the other animes I mentioned in the watch list lol.

      I’m totally clueless when it comes to hardware configurations lol. I wish I had more courage to experiment with that kind of stuff. Windows aside, Apple’s close to impossible to modify due to the way it’s built.

      Don’t worry about being busy! We all are busy in a way, haha.

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