Osaka Pt. 2: Kyoto

We visited Kyoto and the second day of our holiday. It’s only around an hour of train ride from Osaka, so it’s not bad. Our main objectives were to visit the 3 famous temples in Kyoto: Kiyomizu, Ginkaku, and Kinkaku.


As usual, there are a lot of visitors for Kiyomizu. The weather was especially hot that day. I had to purchase an extra umbrella since I left the one I brought at the hotel.

Skies of Kyoto
People walking on the path below
A resting place on the way to the exit
Back to where we entered

Kiyomizu temple is so big that most of the pictures in my camera are pictures of this temple. The main temple where people pray is deeper inside and no camera or videos are allowed. Moreover, it’s also dark and it makes it difficult to take any clear images.

When you purchase the entry ticket, they give you a long piece of paper which also works as a charm for your house!

Ginkakuji (Silver temple)

View from above

To me, Ginkaku is the ‘plainest’ temple within the 3 temples I mentioned. It was built to mimic Kinkaku. The paths inside the temple were mostly flat and they have a lot of paths that require you to climb or anything. So it was a fairly smooth journey, I guess? I didn’t take any appropriate picture for this temple since nothing interesting caught my eye lol.

The soba that we got just outside of Kinkaku
Coffee and azuki shaved ice

We missed the bus headed for Kinkakuji since we had to search for an ATM to withdraw money. While waiting, we discovered this small cafe and decided to enter. We ordered a coffee-flavored shaved ice. It was superb.


The beauty of Kinkakuji blew me away. It looks so majestic and beautiful from far away. The temple is in the middle of the lake, so no one can really go inside it. Taking this picture was a huge struggle since there were a lot of tourists lining up to get their pics as well. Once we got our spot, we took our time and shot a lot of pics lol.

Bags of Yojiya products

Near the entrance of Kinkakuji, there’s a famous skincare / cosmetics brand named Yojiya. I saw posts about this brand all over the internet and souvenir recommendation sites so I gave several of their products a try.

Their number one bestseller is oil blotting paper.

Never would’ve thought that I’d spend almost $10 for oil blotting paper… I must be insane lol.

Mayugomori Trial Set

I also purchased a body care line of Yojiya called Mayugomori. I originally tried their body milk and the scent smells divine and lingers for quite a long time. Body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are included in this set. I can’t wait to try it out!

To be continued Pt. 3

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  1. Your photos are amazing! The temples are so beautiful! I love the first one and that last one. I agree, the second one wasn’t nearly as beautiful! I never had soba noodles. I would love to try it! I’ll look in my local Asian market store. Maybe they’ll have some. I know the one near me makes Gimbap (Korean Sushi) and she makes her own Kimchi, but I wonder if she makes her own soba noodles or at least know what I could find some! The ice cream looked yummy too!

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