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Review: Herschel Supply Pop Quiz

I purchased this backpack when I saw that it was on discount back in my country. I don’t want to admit it, but I’m a sucker for discounted items which is why I decided to go and purchase this bag the moment I saw it. 😥

The bag was originally ¥11,664 (converted from Rp) but I got it for ¥6466. There were several colors available but this navy bag is the only one that gets discounted. Since this bag was really pricey, I decided that this would be something that I bought using my birthday present money. Lol.

Now the reason why I bought this was:

  1. It had a nice laptop compartment (which my previous bag didn’t have)
  2. More slots than my previous bag (my old school bag only had 1)
  3. Lightweight and sturdy
  4. It looks … nice (I can give this to my brother later on)

The only problem was this bag has a bigger size compared to my old one.

The dimensions of the bag

My first bag was so small that I thought this bag would look gigantic on me. I was originally going to buy the Mid Volume size but the downside was the unavailability of these wonderful organizers in the front pocket.

Lots of dividers

Which is why I decided to choose the organizers over the smaller compact size of the bag. The front zipper was quite hard to access, though, which made me frustrated just by trying to get it open sometimes because the stiff canvas material makes it hard for the zipper to glide. Hopefully, after several times of usage, the material won’t be as stiff anymore.

I couldn’t get a nice picture of it, but if you see the main picture on the top of the page you could see a single zipper hanging from the top of the bag which grants you access to a little pocket for sunglasses or any small thing you would like to insert, which is really nice. Also, the inside of the bag has a cushioned laptop compartment and a sleeve for an MP3 player, which I used it as my umbrella storage.

That is all for the backpack review! Overall, I’m glad that I got to purchase this bag but at the same time, I regret a little bit because I don’t really need a new backpack for now since my old ones are still usable. Maybe I will keep this bag for the time being and give it to my brother if I decide to use my old bag once I get home. 😉



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