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Review: LUSH Ocean Salt

This is my first time trying out a Lush product. I’ve heard and read great reviews about this brand so I decided to give one of their most popular products a shot: Ocean Salt. There are two versions of the product one being self-preserving (SP) and the other one in the original version. I got myself the SP one via their website.

Shipping and Packaging

I placed the order on the 22nd of March and just got it yesterday at 27th. The shipping process took quite a long time because they had to pack everything by hand and send it from Tokyo. In the website, there was a drop-down bar in which you can select the delivery time that suites you. I picked 8-12 in the morning, however, it reached my place 9 PM. I am not happy with that. But I’m glad it’s just several hours late compared to the Innisfree things that I purchased from Korea.

The box when it came. The edges are sealed with a sticker.
Inside the box. Those fluffy little balls make me happy.

I must say I am happy with the packaging. I guess it’s because they put some effort in arranging those white balls to fit the box properly. I’ve tried taking the products out and then tried to put them back in place, but the box won’t shut because the stuffings aren’t properly arranged. Haha. I’m also pleased that they gave me a free tester of their other product for me to try.

Stickers … of their employee’s face

This has nothing to do with the review, but I just had to mention this. I was genuinely amused when I saw these stickers inside the box and on the product’s tub. It tells you who were packing and handling your products.

Thank you, Yusa!
And you too, Tomo


Screw lid container
Beautiful. But has a funny smell.

The product does not come with a spoon or anything to scoop the product. So you have to use your own hands to dig in and take it out. Not exactly hygienic if you’re using for both body and face. So, for the meantime I’m just going to use this as a body scrub to see how well it works.

I love the product color just because it’s aesthetically pleasing. The salt inside acts as a scrub for your body but it’s not that rough for your skin. It does have a strangely refreshing smell, though. I wouldn’t recommend this to people who aren’t fond of strange and strong smell.

When applied to a damp skin and rinsed after, it does give you a soft and smooth sensation. The smell stays there for awhile and will just disappear after some time so it doesn’t really bother me. It managed to get off some dead skin off my scaly legs (lol) so I guess I’m quite satisfied with it for now.


This product has three sizes available starting from 120g, the medium sized being 250g and the biggest at 500g. I got myself the 120g for ¥1,670 (tax included). A bit pricey but I think it’s worth it if you’re just splurging once in a while. A little goes a long way if you use it wisely.

Final verdict

Strange and strong smell. Exfoliates well. Not irritating. Aesthetically beautiful. A bit pricey.

I will continue using this product for the time being and see if I can finish this tub. I won’t be purchasing any other products from this brand for awhile since I’m quite considerate of the smell that Lush products give. I would have to visit the actual store to test it out in the future.



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  1. OMG! I LOVE the ocean salt from Lush! It worked miracles on my poor abused hands! It took away the dry skin and left my skin feeling so soft! I was so sad when I ran out of it! Did you know that they make everything in the store? And that they do the same sticker labels here in the states as well? lol I find that fascinating! And yes, they are expensive, but well worth it! I like visiting the store myself, just because you can feel the product right there, and or course, smell it! I’m sorry that I haven’t visited in awhile. I been… not myself lately. I have to try to work out some things, which could take awhile, but hopefully I’ll be better sooner than later.

    1. I love the benefits of the ocean salt, but I’m not a number one fan of the aroma. 😆
      Yes, I read somewhere that they made everything in their stores. I’ve watched Youtube videos about the products but I never noticed the stickers! Haha.

      The closest store to my place is in the neighboring city, which is quite far since you have to take the train to reach it. Probably I will stop by when I do have the time.

  2. When you do find the time (and money!), you’ll enjoy it! I might have mention this, but I actually like the ocean salt scent. It just smells refreshing to me! I don’t know why! lol My favorite scents are cherry blossoms and magnolia, and let’s not forget coconut! lol I should ask for a Lush gift card for my birthday or even Mother’s Day! I’m a mommy who needs pampering after all! lol

    Also, I just wanted to let you know, in case you don’t see my blog comment (I replied to yours). Thank you for commenting! I really appreciate it! And please don’t worry about me! The time will pass, and I will be okay again! I’m aware of the problem now, so I can control my emotions a lot easier now. (At least I know that I’m loosing my mind!) I also posted a much happier post! It’s of the baby! I’m sure you’re tired of hearing all the things she’s doing, but one day, when you have a family of your own, and especially your first baby, you’ll be bragging too! lol

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