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Back to Japan

The trip back to Japan wasn’t that pleasant. Turbulence kept happening when I was on the plane to Korea. It took me full 9 hours to get there. Luckily, there was no one sitting beside me so I got more of a wider space for myself. I was only able to sleep for four and a half hours, though. I was unable to sleep again after that. The photo above was taken around 6:30 AM.

The transit at Korea was 4 hours long. I had nothing to do other than munching on french fries from Taco Bell and stare at my phone to report my status updates to my family. Overall, it was quite boring. I even had to listen to several grandmas and grandpas chattering at the waiting room. It wasn’t that fun.

Arriving at Japan, I stupidly missed the bus to Beppu that was in front of my eyes. Even though I saw the sign on the bus saying Beppu, I was too confused whether that was the right bus or not. Lol. In the end, I had to wait an hour for the next bus to come. I didn’t make reservations beforehand so I couldn’t get immediately inside the bus and had to wait outside until all the passengers with reservations got in. I was quite lucky since I got an empty seat!

The most hellish part was probably having to carry my own luggage down the stairs of hell. It connected the highway stop where the bus dropped us to the university. (Heck, I wonder if there are any universities that existed on the top of the mountain.) I dragged my baggage down the stairs three steps each until I reached … another set of stairs.

My hands felt so heavy that I couldn’t even lift it to wash my face after that.

My Innisfree products that I purchased a long time ago before leaving Japan.

Today I went to my friend’s room to pick up my package that I left in her care before I left Japan. I had expected that it would arrive really late since it was shipped from Korea, and I was right. That package was ordered before I made the post about saving money. Lol. Now I kind of regretted seeing all the things left unused scattered on my table. Amazon is toxic!

Students from APM (business majors) will have a course restoration tomorrow and to be honest, I’m fucking scared. Yes, the curse word because it is truly horrifying. Good luck to fellow friends who are taking the registration tomorrow as well. Lol. Wish me luck!



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  1. Wow! That’s a really great photo you have captured! I haven’t been on a plane since I was little. We were moving from Germany to the states, so I was probably around 7 years old. The thought of getting on a plane now makes me feel so nervous! I’m glad you made it back to Japan safely though! And sorry to hear about those stairs! I know the feeling since I live on the third floor and I have to haul a 20 lbs baby up and down them every day! lol It’s always nice to find out that you have ordered something, and that it took so long to come in that it practically feels like a surprised gift (especially when you don’t have any more money to spend!) I’m sorry for not commenting sooner. I did read about your post when it was first posted, but I only have a small window of when I can be on the laptop. T.T Again, glad you made it back safely!

    1. You should go traveling when sweetpea’s old enough! Maybe come to Japan and see me? 😆 (If I haven’t graduated yet.) It’d be fun!

      Don’t worry about not commenting sooner! I myself sometimes forget to check posts and write a comments even though I’ve read everything. Haha.

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