Room layout planning

My sketches for the room layout

Last month I posted about whether I should move out alone or with someone. The answer to that question remains unanswered for now, but I thought if I’m going to move out one day why not think about things that are easier to resolve at the moment. So I researched some furniture websites such as Nitori and Muji to compare the prices for their products that I might buy for my room in the future. Here are the things that I put in my list!


The futon set from Nitori

I decided to go for a futon set instead of mattress due to the reason it’s easier to clean and keep. This futon set includes both the main futon, quilt, and pillow as well as the covers for each of them. There are two sizes available which is S (210 x 100 cm) and SD (210 x 120 cm). But they have 2000 yen difference 😥 which is really expensive for the 20 cm addition in my opinion.

I didn’t really like the idea of directly sleeping on the floor, so I thought this storage bed from Muji might be nice to have since it’s multifunction. It’s not cheap, though, but I think it’s still worth to have rather than having the room cluttered with the things that I don’t use every day. The picture above is the S sized, while the SD sized bed is 5000 yen more expensive compared to this one.

Clothes and shoes storage

Typical Japanese apartment layout

Most Japanese apartments have a built-in closet. It’s not too big but will definitely fit most of the clothes I have at the moment. I can simply keep my shoes in a rack provided at the main entrance of the apartment. Even if they don’t have it, I could just simply line the ones I use every day there and keep the ones I don’t in the closet. Easy! If I happen to have excess clothes, I could just buy a simple and cheap pole hanger from Nitori.


Kotatsu from Nitori

Instead of going with a high dining table, I thought of just purchasing a kotatsu and have it as a multifunctional table. I can take the covers off during summer and have it on during winter. It’s a two in one product! It almost costs 15000 yen, though, but I guess it’s worth the price. I don’t need a carpet since I already bought one, so the only remaining thing to buy is the top cover!

The top cover for the rectangle sized kotatsu is around 4000 to 5000 yen depending on the material and pattern design. Though it might be a little bit expensive, it’s still a must have and worth it item for winter!


Since I’m using a kotatsu, I don’t need any actual chairs to sit in. All I need is this cheap and soft cushion which is available at Nitori for around 1000 yen each. An easy solution to save space as well!

There are still a lot of things on my list but that’s the idea for now! If you have any suggestions on saving up space in a little room, please leave a comment because that will definitely be useful!

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  1. I’m a little jealous that you get to live in Japan, and might get to live in an authentic Japanese apartment! I mean, I love my “luxury”, spacious apartment, but I’m sure if it’s just me, it would be nice to have something small and cozy! I wish we could get a kotatsu, but unfortunately, I’m not used to sitting on the ground, so I would really need something with back support.

    I’m glad you’re thinking about the positive things! It’s always fun to look at apartments and plan how you would like to set them up. I always look at dream homes, and how I would set them up. I’m hoping in a year or two, we’ll have a house! Have fun planning out your future home!

    1. Some furniture stores also sell cushions that have sturdy back supports as well! The price might be slightly more expensive, though.

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