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Going Home

I think I’ve mentioned somewhere in my previous post that I’ve planned to go home in February. So here’s an impression about my trip home: hellish.

Since it hasn’t snowed in Beppu for a few days before my trip, I thought that it wouldn’t need to worry about blizzards anymore, but of course, I was wrong. The night before my trip, snow fell once more and covered all the roads around campus. It wasn’t snowing anymore when I woke up and I didn’t see any signs of strong wind blowing, so I only grabbed my thin jacket and went outside…

Only to rush back inside to get another thicker jacket because I definitely underestimated the weather here.

My friend, Yaya, was supposed to take me to the service area located on the top of the campus. Normally, you wouldn’t find any campus connected to a highway service area, but since this particular campus in on the top of the mountain, you can access it by climbing several sets of steep stairs.

Unfortunately, my lovely friend slept her way throughout the day so I had to desperately search for someone who’s awake at 6 in the morning. God bless my friend Michael for not sleeping because he’s the one who finally took me to the service area when the sky is still pitch black.

Then we had to wait for the highway bus to come longer than we expected because the bus was late for 23 minutes due to the snow. My whole body, especially my hands were frozen to the point I couldn’t move them properly. The waiting seemed forever, but I was finally able to get on the bus and get some shut eye before arriving at Fukuoka.

Fries and banana milk at Taco Bell

Nothing much happened at the airport than having to wait in a super long line like the ones you see in a Snake game. I met two other friends who were going home as well, so we went together. We bought two boxes of souvenirs each and then got on the plane headed for Incheon and had to wait there for around 4 hours for transit. The food that was served on the airplane wasn’t that nice … so we decided to get another meal at Taco Bell. It was delicious!

I got to know an old Korean man that sat beside me on the flight to Jakarta. He could only speak Korean, so trying to understand what he was trying to say was very hard since I’m not that fluent in Korean yet. But the textbooks that I bought during the winter break really helped because there were a lot of vocabularies that I memorized! I didn’t think I did a great job in helping him filling in the immigration forms, though. Haha.

After 16 hours of hardships, I finally arrived in Indonesia and got to see my family waiting with grumpy faces. (I had to wait so long for my baggage to come out). I got sick the next day due to exhaustion, but the trip back was worth it because now I can laze around and I don’t have to face the struggle to wake up a bit early to prepare my food every day. Lol.



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  1. I’m sorry that going home has started off shaky, but I hope that things got a lot better as you got there! Also, those fries from Taco Bell look amazing! We have Taco Bell here, but none of them serve fries. (´•ω•̥`) Although, I might make my own. Can’t be that hard to make! lol Hope you have fun being at home!

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