How to save money

Studying in a country that has a higher currency rate compared to your country is scary because you don’t know when those currencies will skyrocket and make you drown in your own tears of agony. I try to always keep a reasonable amount of money in a separate wallet so that I can use it just in case the exchange rate goes wrong and living cost became a huge problem. However, that method of securing the money in another wallet is not really effective for me because I feel that I always have enough at the moment. It makes me spend my money on things that I don’t really need at the moment. (Screw you Amazon).

An average student spends around 80000 yen per month including dorms, insurance, food and also other miscellaneous expenses. 50000 yen is spent for the dorms, insurance, and phone bills. So that means the remaining 30000 yen for food and others. I actually spend around 6000 yen per week for food, which means I need around 24000 for one month. It leaves 6000 yen for miscellaneous expenses. OK, to be honest, 6000 is not enough for miscellaneous but manageable if I could just ignore the urge to buy things.

The core of the problem and solution:

One – I always have two months worth of dorm, insurance, and cell phone bill for safe keeping. But I always ended up using that money for other useless expenses because I always have it near my reach. So I decided that I would just deposit that money to my Japanese bank account so that I can’t really access it anytime I want.

Two – Amazon. Freaking digitalized era is dangerous for my soul. All these products that are on discount are making my fingers itch to click on it and put it in my shopping cart, really. I should stop checking at this website when I’m bored and find another source of entertainment. Actually, I should just stop putting things in the shopping cart because that’s the thing that urges you to buy those things. It’s like they keep releasing the message ‘Hey, when are you going to purchase me?‘ when you put it in the cart because they keep you reminded of those unimportant things that you want to have.

Three – Youtube. It’s actually okay to watch those short knowledge videos about various things but I might need to skip videos that show ‘____ Haul or Unboxing or Review‘ because those were the things that made me interested and piques my interest to know more about a certain product or object. I think that Youtube might be the main reason I keep going back to Amazon so that I could check on things. Pure evil.

So, yes, those are the solutions that I created for myself right now. I really hope that I stop purchasing unimportant things from now on. Please share me any tips so that I could stop this bad habit. 😆

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  1. I honestly know how you feel. It’s so hard for me to remember that it’s not my money any more, and that’s frustrating for me, although, I never really had a handle of budgeting. I did, however, always made sure that my bills are paid. Amazon is tricky too. I use it a lot too. It’s been hard to ignore that site, especially when the baby needs more things, or it’s just fun to shop for her! lol I hope you succeed in keeping a budget!

    Also, I know all about scheduled posts! I do that quite a bit too. Sometimes I’ll write several posts in one day, and just schedule them to post, or if I wanted to post something that day and I couldn’t get to it then I would schedule it for that day. But I do check your site daily! I just can’t post a comment right away at times. The baby hates it when I’m on my laptop. She can’t see me when she is on the ground so she just cries and cries until I put the laptop away. Sigh.

    I feel bad for thinking this, but sometimes I wish I would have waited a little bit longer to have a baby. I didn’t realize she would crave attention 24/7. I thought she would sleep the night and day away after each feeding but I was wrong. But don’t get me wrong. I love her entirely with my heart and I don’t regret having her now! It’s just that I miss having my time to myself. Can’t have your cake and eat it too, right?

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