Splurging on Muji products

I can’t believe I did it … but I kinda went crazy and splurged on Muji because they had a 20% sale for almost all items.

Apparently, the only branch in this small city is going for renovation, which is why Muji is selling off all of their products with huge discounts.

Some of the items I bought

I actually went there twice. Once on Saturday and once on Sunday. I spent quite a lot on these aesthetically pleasing items. Here we go!

Pink stripped PJs
Organic cotton towel

I have been eyeing on these two items for quite awhile now. When I discovered that the sale was happening, I immediately rushed to the store and bought it. More surprisingly, the towel was already 50% off and the pajamas were 30% off. When I checked out at the register, the 20% extra discount stacked with it, making my total purchase significantly cheaper!

Lunch mat

Next we have this mat that I’m planning to use for meals. I saw that my friend had something like this and it’s pretty useful and convenient. If I spill something on the mat, I only need to wash the mat and not my entire table.

Kitchen tool and cutlery

All of these three combined are below $10 and they’re just so aesthetically pleasing. It’s very light and feels really well made. I just hope mold won’t get on the wooden cutleries …

Dial timer

I’ve been using a kitchen timer from Daiso for a long time now, and the sound it makes is so loud and it’s hard to set up the seconds. But this timer is a dial type so it makes setting up so much quicker and easier! The sound it makes is loud but not loud enough to annoy the hell out of you.

Cute striped socks

Bought 2 new pairs of socks since my old one is wearing down. There were so many patterns and colors to choose from but the white and navy combination is the most basic and versatile for my wardrobe!

Hook clips

I don’t know why I bought these, to be honest. I thought I’d have some use for it. I tried hanging it in various places but it seems like they’re all too big for the hanger. This will be sitting in my storage for now …

There are other items that I purchased (but did not take a pic of) like a stainless strainer, water jug filter, and their instant chicken butter curry. Honestly, if I had more money I would’ve bought everything they had there, but … there are more important things than this crazy discount sale.

Or maybe I should’ve bought that stainless cooking pot that was discounted to 1500 yen from 5200 yen…

Oh well, until next time!

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  1. Wow! That is quite the haul! Here’s a URL to help keep your wooden utensils from molding and to keep bacteria from growing on it. https://www.getgreenbewell.com/how-to-care-for-wooden-spoons/ I never had any problems since that’s what I used to cook everything. I do spray a little water down bleach after using it with raw meat. I never dried them with a hand towel either. I let them dry in the open in a dish drainer. I hope that helps. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your new things! I would love to splurge again! I wish it was my birthday again! lol

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