Studying abroad while abroad

It’s been like four to five months ever since I’ve left home just to study abroad in Japan and it does feel fun and exciting to step out of your comfort zone and learn to do everything by yourself just by living alone. But thinking about spending the whole four years in Japan just to study, commuting to school and back home every day doesn’t sound really appealing and really monotone to me.

Well, luckily, the university where I’m enrolled to now offers a study abroad program (yes, even though we international students are now abroad). They have a list of partner universities throughout the world where you can go and apply for as an exchange student for either a semester or a whole year.

I’ve already talked to my mom before I departed and she thought that Korea would be a great idea to go for an exchange. It’s just right next to Japan and moreover, I can challenge myself to study a new language altogether! (Even though I still have lots to go for Japanese, I suck at kanji for real).

So I thought of applying for this exchange program during the third year, which is still a long way to go but at the same time a short time to prepare for all the language and applications because you have to apply 1 year in advance for the exchange. I’m still not sure whether I should take a go for it but I’ve browsed and took notes of the available universities for exchange and has business administration for it’s major.

  • Dongseo University
  • Ewha Womans University
  • Hanyang University
  • Korea University
  • Kyung Hee University
  • Pusan National University
  • Sogang University
  • Sookmyung Women’s University
  • University of Ulsan
  • Yonsei University

They all have dorms available for exchange students. Some of them, such as Sogang and Ulsan offer meal packages so that you don’t have to worry about your meal every day! All those universities sound international-students friendly but not all of it are located in Seoul. I guess I need to research more in the future so that I can decide better.

Oh, and I’ve started to learn Korean language during my winter vacation. I can now read and write hangeul letters as well as make simple sentences (with limited vocabulary)! Self-teaching yourself a whole new language is quite scary because no one will tell you if you made a mistake or not. Sigh. I do plan to take the Korean language at my second year, though. Let’s just hope I have enough credits and time to do so. Until then!

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  1. Wow! That sounds exciting! I wish I was more like you by learning other languages. I just don’t have the motivation to learn. I did take ASL (American Sign Language) in senior high school, but I did such a terrible job at it, so I took French. I was slightly better at it, but I couldn’t speak it very well. I could read and write exceptionally well, but orally, nope. lol I even taught myself how to read and right Spanish, but I never bothered learning. I guess I’m just lazy. lol It also sounds like fun visiting another country! I would be too terrified to travel to another country for a year. I suppose if it was someplace I really want to go, then it wouldn’t matter! Please let me know what you decide!

    1. My motivation to learn other languages came from my interest in watching anime and dramas. I made myself study Japanese before even deciding to go to university just because I wanted to understand what the characters are saying in the anime. 😆 The same thing happened with Korean language where I just wanted to understand what’s going on in the drama without having to wait for the subs to appear. 😀 If I were told to study some random language like Chinese (even though it’s so similar to Japanese), I wouldn’t be able to do it because frankly, I don’t even have interest in it!

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