Week 28 Update

This week’s hella rainy. I don’t think there was a time that it actually stopped raining. On Tuesday morning, 5 AM, the city hall woke everyone by issuing emergency announcements to our smartphones. I just went to bed at 4 AM after playing Fire Emblem so I just disregarded it and went back to sleep instantly.

That aside, this week’s not necessarily bad despite the super heavy rain. I received a call from the university’s student office in the beginning of the week stating that there was an open slot for the scholarship I had applied (and failed) back in March. So they’re offering me the position although I won’t be getting the original amount of money for 6 months, but rather just for 2 months until the time I graduate. Still, I’m really grateful that this opportunity came to me. So when she asked me if I wanted to apply for this position, it’s an instant yes from me.

Also, my thesis finally got approved by the professor and she said it’s good for submission after I finish proofreading and all. I’ve got until the 16th to submit but I’m a bit paranoid if my writing’s any good at all. Haha. Maybe I’ll ask more friends to review it for me before I submit.

I should be working on more job applications now that I have my thesis out of my head. But somehow I just keep finding shows or mangas to read. I recently started and finished an American/Canadian cartoon series titled The Dragon Prince. The thumbnail caught my attention and I liked the character design and gave it a watch, and I’m glad I did. It’s hard for me to find a western cartoon series that I like, but The Dragon Prince reminded me of Avatar (ATLA). Although completely different, the world-building, characters, the story has that Avatar vibes and I immediately fell in love after the first episode. I can’t wait for Season 4!

That aside, I found a quite interesting manga titled Raise wa Tanin ga Ii by Konishi Asuka. It’s a story about Yakuza romance. I remember Nisekoi having a similar premise, but this is nothing like that because this is the real deal. The MCs are straight-up badass and fucked up at the same time. The author doesn’t try to hide the gory or slightly mature scenes as well. I had a lot of fun reading this series until I realized I caught up with it and I can’t read the continuation until August … (Cries).

Other good things that happened

  • Passed the document screening for my Visa recommendation letter
  • Resolved the bank account issue. I can withdraw safely now.
  • I got called for a second interview (for another company!)
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  1. What was the emergency phone call? I wish it would rain here. I’m tired of the heat. I feel like my skin is melting when I walk outside. Also, I’m glad that your thesis is just about done, but the 16th isn’t too far away! Also, I’m happy to hear that you have a second interview! I wish you the best of luck! I did watch the first season of “The Dragon Prince”. I thought it was good, but I haven’t gone back to it since then. I’m terrible at things like that. I’m more of a zombie person. I can non-stop watch a whole zombie series (including anime), but can’t watch normal anime. I’m weird. Anyways, I’m glad you’re having a good week!

    1. The emergency announcements were for citizens who live closer to or in the mountains. They told people to evacuate since the city hall was afraid of possible landslides due to the rain. It still rains daily here, though it’s not as bad as the previous weeks.

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