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10 Day Trip To Gotenba Pt. 2

We spent the next few days exploring the Fuji Five Lakes (actually only 1 lol) and Yeti Snow Town. To explore Fuji Five Lakes, there’s a 2 day pass that you can purchase which gives you free bus rides around the lakes. We explored the lakes on day one and went to the Fuji Q Highland (an amusement park) in day 2.

Charcoal karage

When we got to the first lake we visited, we stopped by the mini restaurant and souvenir shop. My friend bought that charcoal karage just because he never had one. It tastes like any normal karage with a more burnt flavor, I guess.

Yamanaka Lake

Yamanaka literally translates to ‘middle of the mountain’. This is the only lake we really visited since we had some trouble and ended up wasting most of our time searching for food. This lake is the 2nd most developed after Kawaguchi Lake.

In the middle of the lake

There were rental swan boats where we use our feet to pedal. Each session lasts for 30 minutes and our legs were sore by the time we finished, but the experience was worth it.

Swans chasing after us

While we were in the boat, swans started following us everywhere, which terrified us lol. It turns out that one of my friends bought mixed peanuts from the convenient store for his snack and the swans were going after it. We ended up wasting half the package just to feed the swans, they’re really pretty, though.

The big ‘tree’ in the skating rink
The ferris wheel from the rink

The next day, we went to Fuji Q Highland, a famous amusement park. I’m personally not a amusement park person since I get dizzy and nauseous from rides quite easily. To be honest, I think I went there just to try out ice skating because I’ve never experienced it before. It was really terrifying, though. I fell so many times to the point my arms and butt hurts. Nonetheless, it was really fun because it’s the only time where the five of us could enjoy our time in the amusement park together.

Skiing … is more horrifying than skating

We went to a ‘snow town’ named Yeti several days after the amusement park. We got the transport, admission, and rental package for 6600 yen, which is quite expensive for me but cheap for my American friends. I had zero experience in skiing and snowboarding so my friend told me to try ski first because it’s easier.

That’s a lie.

Ski is freaking difficult and scary as hell. It’s like sliding down the mountain to your deaths with nothing but poles (which doesn’t really help me to stop).

I fell down a lot more during skiing than skating. It was hard to get up on my own, too, since the boards were really hindering. After going down the slope once, I had enough and decided to call it a day lol. It’s a waste of money, I know. But at least I’ve given it a try.

Asians are not made for skiing. Lol.



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  1. That’s a beautiful shot of the mountain! I like ice skating, but I completely agree with you. It’s kind of scary, it’s hard, and it hurts like hell when you fall. I did a lot of belly flopping on the ice, knocking the wind right out of me! I had horrible bruises on my arms and on my stomach. Eventually, you get the hang of it and you don’t fall as much. I would be so afraid to ice skate now though. I’m old and brittle. lol

    Also, you made me lol for real with the story about the swans chasing you and your friend, as well as the skiing story “It’s like sliding down the mountain to your deaths with nothing but poles”. lol And don’t feel bad. I’m there with you on that. I never want to try skiing ever. But you tried it and found out that it wasn’t meant for you. I wouldn’t see it as wasting money, but a moment of making memories and experiencing something for the first time!

    1. There’s not edit button on comments. lol But I was freaking out about the Charcoal karage, because I thought it was actual charcoal you were eating. lol I felt so relieved after reading about it!

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