A good news and a series of bad news

Long story short, I got admitted to Ritsumeikan. Even though I only got like 65% scholarship, I’m still pretty happy about it. It kind of meant that everything that I’ve done didn’t end in vain, I guess? My friends are urging me to just take the offer and complete the enrolment procedure. My mom says otherwise. My dad hesitates once more because of the living cost. I guess living Japan is just expensive.

Well, for today … I placed last with the longest time in 100m running due to the wet slippery soil (it rained so hard in the morning) which almost made me slip face first. In the end, one of my teachers accidentally swung their stopwatches to my hand and it hurt so damned much. I’m glad it wasn’t swollen or anything, but the aftereffect was I experienced a hell of excruciating pain through my fingers that made my hands shake for several minutes non-stop.

Afterwards, my friend sprayed lots of aerosol onto my fingers and then invited me to her house to practice basketball for tomorrow’s practical exam.

We practiced for an hour or two, got really exhausted, and then decided to buy ice cream at the nearest bakery in the area. I got myself an oreo cheesecake ice cream while she got herself a bottled-shaped ice cream with the flavour of bubblegums. It was pretty nice.

I also got to see her new house which was still under construction. I also met both her parents there. They invited me to take a peek into the house. It was quite big compared to my house. The stair steps are made of solid marble I almost thought it was from plastic wood. Her mom then invited me to stay over once the new house gets finished. I only nod and smile.

Anyways, the practical exam today got my limbs sore to the point I don’t feel like moving. There’s still basketball tomorrow. Guess I’ll just give it my best shot as an indoor type person.

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  1. I’m glad you got in! I hope your dad lets you go though! It’ll be a fun experience. I’m sorry to hear about your hand. I hope it’s better now. Good luck on your basketball exam!

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