Only 4 more days to the announcement date for Ritsumeikan APU.

I don’t know if I’ll get accepted, honestly. I didn’t think I did great in the interviews either. I felt that it was really half-assed (seriously). Sigh. I won’t immediately accept if I do get admitted, though. I’d have to take the scholarship factor into consideration since living and studying Japan is so expensive.

Another friend persuaded me to try and apply for NTU in Taiwan. I don’t know if I’ll get accepted either. But the real main problem lies within the language barrier. I haven’t spoken Chinese or written it for years since I stopped studying it at school. I have very little and limited knowledge regarding that language. I could still understand bits of people’s conversation if I listen closely, but reading and writing in that language is a big no-no.

Well, Japanese language is no different. They’re just as hard as Chinese (since they share the same characters) and even more complicated. I myself haven’t had the chance to study deeper about Japanese language because of school activities. (But I do plan on taking an intensive course on it once I’m free from exams.)

I feel like I kept wandering from place to place. I’ve applied to several universities with totally different majors. I don’t even know what I’m really gonna be in the future or if I’m gonna like the subjects or whether it’ll be useful for me. At some point I don’t think that continuing my studies is a good idea since everything is really forced. What I want to be and what I can do is not running on the same track.

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  1. I’m sorry you’re having it so rough with decisions on what you want to do in life. It’s never easy, especially if you didn’t give it any deep thoughts. I can assure you, I didn’t know what to go to get a degree in at university. I was going to elementary education since it was the easiest, but when I couldn’t complete university, I got to thinking what I really wanted to do in life which is becoming a mother and a housewife. I feel as if I’m not start enough to finish university/college, and I really hate retail, so there isn’t much else to do. I do enjoy having a blog, cooking, baking, and doing craft things. I also enjoy planning special events for my nieces which I think that would make me a great mom. Also, it never hurts to take a break before going to University. I’ve known a lot of people who took a year off before going and as the result, they’re doing great in life. They weren’t burnt out when they went back either. You’re an adult now so the decisions are always yours to make–no one else’s. Good luck in all you do and don’t give up!

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