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August 2015 : Week 3

Nothing important happened this week. Just a bunch of hectic schedules filled with tests and homeworks. We did have a celebration for Indonesia’s independence day last Wednesday, though. I guess the celebration was a really nice time to relax from school learning activities. We could actually participate in traditional games competition (I didn’t participate in any) and open up a stand for your own bazaar (I only bought several skewers of yakitori).

There’s not even a news regarding my physics test (which I screwed horribly) last week. Perhaps the teacher’ll distribute the results on Monday. I won’t hope much, though. I’m almost pretty sure that I’d fail at this horrible subject which I suck so much. (Cough, cough).

I’ve, more or less, made up my mind regarding which university and which major to take when I graduate next year. There’s a really big chance I’m taking IT. I won’t be going abroad, though, since my dad really doesn’t give me any preparations like IELTS test etc. I’ll probably just go to another university that’s a little bit far from home. I’d have to rent somewhere near …

I’ve also decided to take Programming as my extra curricular this year. Though it’ll only last for a semester since third year students need to prepare for graduation exams and crap. School had to cut off those “extra” time so that we could have more study sessions (and less sleep).

Homemade Hong Kong Waffles
Homemade Hong Kong Waffles

My mom ordered a Hong Kong Waffle Maker a few days ago and it arrived a day or two after. She immediately made three batches of those waffles. I got cheese, chocolate for my brother, and the original plain one for my mom. They tasted delicious!

Baby back ribs with french fries
Baby back ribs with french fries

We ate baby back ribs at a restaurant near our neighbourhood, Carnivor. The place was actually a mixture of steak restaurant and japanese ramen restaurant, Ikkudo Ichi. We had always ordered ramen when we go there, but this time I wanted a different taste. (I was honestly getting bored of ramen lol). So we ordered a full baby back and then split it into four. It was really delicious! We got mashed potatoes as the side dishes. The potatoes weren’t as good as Holy Cow’s, though. Carnivor’s potatoes were a bit rough. I guess they didn’t mash it thoroughly so they still have grains of hard potatoes, but it’s okay.



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  1. I’m sure you didn’t do all the awful on your test! And I hope you did better than you think. Also, the waffle looks amazing! I’m so hungry, and I love waffles/pancakes! My husband made me some pancakes the other day! (And I want mooore!) lol And those ribs! *drools* I want some now! Although, I’m cooking bourbon chicken tonight with white steam rice and I’m going to saute some zucchini/yellow squash on the side. Yum!

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