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Chuu 2017/2018 Winter Fashion Haul

Despite living in Japan, I’m not a really big fan of Japanese fashion style. I mean, I like brands such as Uniqlo for their simplicity in design and comfortable clothing, but after some time, I realize that most of their clothing lineups are the same and boring and repetitive.

During my winter holidays, I was super reluctant to leave my apartment because of the bad weather and wind. I spent my days browsing Youtube videos and I finally discovered this Korean clothing brand named Chuu. They have websites for languages in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, China, and English. I, of course, accessed the Japanese website and was really delighted when I found out that they accepted convenience store payment. This means someone who doesn’t have a credit card like me could also make a purchase from them!

They will prepare the items as soon they receive the payment and will ship 7 days after they receive the payment. After the arrival in the customs, it will take another 4 days to get it to my place. I think 11 days (technically 4 days if you exclude the 7 days out) of wait is not that long for international shipping. They will ship it for free if your purchase exceeds 8000 yen.

Okay then, on to the haul!

Pink Strawberry Milk cap from their collection

When I first saw this cap, I really felt the urge to get it because it was aesthetically cute and I personally only have 1 cap with me before I made this purchase. There are two versions of this cap but I got the one with letters in front instead of a milk carton symbol.

Front view
Side view

I really love the little detail of strawberry embroidery they put at the back of the cap. The material is really nice and it’s pretty comfortable to wear. I might not wear it now but will definitely wear it during spring/summer!

Special tote bag featuring Chuu’s -5kg Jean line

I didn’t intend to get this tote bag at first, but I saw that it was on discount and it was pretty cheap as well so I decided to get it. The materials used are really nice and I love the choice of color they used for this tote. Definitely going to use it when I’m out and about!

White leggings

Most of my bottoms are black and I think I only have one pair of white bottoms. Haha. This legging was on the ranking list and many of the reviews stated that they’re comfortable to wear. What really made me purchase this legging was because of it’s (again) cheap price and the inner material.

Look at that soft fluffy inner material …

They have two versions of this legging. One with and one without the soft inner. I chose the one with the soft inner material because winter is killing my leg, really. I haven’t tried it out but I’ll update the outcome in this post when I do!

Over-sized denim jacket

Next is this boyfriend denim jacket! This is probably the most expensive thing I got from the haul but I really love the big size of it! I’ve never had any over-sized type clothing before so I got this one. I didn’t regret purchasing this, though! It’s quite warm on chilly days and the long sleeves just cover all of my hands. This jacket definitely has some weight, but that just shows how good the quality is!

Image from Chuu’s website

This is the second top I got from Chuu and it’s a long oversized parka. This, like the cap I bought, is made by Chuu itself so it has a really high-quality material. The insides of this parka are also soft just like the leggings I got.

Inner material of the parka

Since it’s a loose fit parka, I can layer so many underneath and it really keeps me warm even when it snows. The length of this parka is long enough to cover just a bit over my knees so it keeps my thighs warm at the same time as well! This parka is quite pricey but I think it’s a nice investment for a winter clothing.

-5 Youth Skirt in grey/pink

I’m actually not a skirt person and I only have two skirts in my closet. I don’t know what crossed my mind and made me want to purchase a skirt, but if I had to say, it’s probably because of the design and color.

Back view

Most plaid skirts are in red and I don’t fancy them because they’re flashy. But this one has a subtle color and the pink is really soft as well, making it a good combination. Design wise, Chuu also made this skirt and it’s in their -5 lineup, which is what Chuu is famous for. I’ve read reviews and pictures of people wearing -5 bottoms from Chuu and they do look slim! Well, I’m already too skinny (I swear I need to gain weight somehow), so I probably don’t need this -5 thing but it really looks good when I tried it out.

Inner pants!

The inner pants is the biggest plus point that made me purchase the skirt! I’ve never felt comfortable wearing short mini skirts but since this one has an inner I don’t need to worry about things going … wrong. Haha. I’ve tried wearing this in the cold weather combined with a warm legging and it holds of the cold pretty well! I just love it!

Loose dark grey pullover

This is the third top and the last item I got from Chuu. It’s a simple over-sized pullover. This probably the only item that didn’t really live up to my expectations in terms of quality. The material is really thick, which is good, but there are other things that made me slightly dislike this piece.

Inner material

The soft fabric from the inside will sometimes go through (?) to the outer side of the sweater and I can’t really pull it out or do anything to push it back to the inner side of the pullover. (I don’t know how to describe this, honestly. Haha.) This top was quite pricey so I was kind of upset about this issue, but oh well, it’s still wearable and it’s warm enough so that’s ok.

That’s the end of the haul! I hope it’s somehow helpful for you who want to do online shopping from this brand too. I think I won’t do another fashion haul for winter since I’ve bought enough. We’ll see what they’ll have for summer next time!



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  1. I love your new clothes! I think my favorite is the skirt! It’s so very cute! I couldn’t wear something like that because I have really long legs and it would look shorter on me. lol I hate red plaid too. I’m a girly-girl, but I just don’t understand why everything has to be red. I, however, did buy a reddish plaid shirt. Sigh. It was very girly looking which is why I bought it. Anyways, you got some cute clothes!

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